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Friday, June 1, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #5: Bella by Steve Piacente

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Welcome to week 5 of the BookWhore Book Club discussion! I am really loving this book and hope you are too. If you haven't started it yet, you are missing out.

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Chapters 17-21

1) Who do you think the fake cops were who pulled Danny over? Anyone else get the feeling that there's more going on with the Hank Moss story than meets the eye?
I thought the first one was legit, the second one definitely scared me especially since it seemed he was watching him all along.It is obvious they have been tailing Isabel or they wouldn't have found out about Danny. Hank has definitely got himself into something huge if they are going through this trouble. I am really scared for them both. Danny definitely should have listened to his gut to stay away.

2) In your opinion does Ellie have the right to be angry? Why or Why not?
That is a good question. I think she does have a right to be angry. I would be pissed at her if she didn't react at all and just took it. I think it shows she still loves him. I am angry at the both of them but mainly Danny. He saw an opening and took it in the blink of an eye. I don't think it is right for him to use what Ellie did as an excuse when he was thinking about it way before. Both of them need to wake the hell up.

3) Let's just play pretend. You are Danny same situation and everything. Do you tell your wife what you did with Bella?

Yes, but if I was Danny, I would try to fix it. I think if they let it out and actually talk about the why of it, they could mend what they have lost. I have always talked about the gigantic wedge between them and they need to work on trying to get rid of it. 

4) We are at the half way point, what are your thoughts on the book so far?

I am loving it so far. It is well paced and the style is very cool. This book really brings out a lot of reactions for me and keeps me pondering. It is very exciting.

5) Cameron had a great idea for predictions on the book. It will be fun to look back and see who was closest! What do you predict will happen from here out?

Ooooh, I love this. I am predicting that Isabel is behind something with Hank. I am also curious about Danny's friend Sussman. I don't know if Danny's office is bugged or something, but how did that guy know where to be when Danny and Sussman met. Also this feels like a set up and not really from the government. This is tough as hell.

6) Questions for the author?  

Have you ever uncovered a big secret or is there a mystery you would like to uncover?

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