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Thursday, June 14, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #7: Bella by Steve Piacente

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Chapters 26-29

1) Let's pretend you are Mary, would you be able to have drinks with Ellie after she slept with your husband? (JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!)

Screw that! I would let some steam off first...on her face. Then apologize later with the drinks. But Mary is quite the woman I must say to be all buddy-buddy with a woman that was sleeping with her husband. She is way too good of a friend. Ellie doesn't deserve her.

2) So I did a little research and it turns out they really did break ground on the pentagon Sept. 11th, 1941. Check out Wikipedia HERE. I want to hear everyone's thoughts on this. 

I had no idea. But I don't think it is a coincidence. Again, the whole 9/11 attack being an inside job thing. I just find this a little too weird that the day that it was being built it collapsed. What could they have possibly been doing for that to happen?

3) Do you think Isabelle was really out with her gardener?

Absolutely not. Hell, even her reaction when Danny called felt a little forced. She was trying pretty hard to convince him of Paulo. That whole scene was very bipolar or is it just me?

4) Isabelle already in the beginning of the story tat she no longer cries. So what do you think about Isabelle reading Hanks Last letter and talking about when she found out he was dead and crying on the phone? 

This ties in with my answer for number 3. I think that she was working on trying to make Danny forget about Paulo and pulled that out for more sympathy. Does anyone sort of think there is a bit of Munchausen syndrome going on here? I think she is sad that he is dead and all, but there are times she just drops Hank in a conversation that seem like they are a way to get out of something else. For instance, this scene.

5) Robbie, Danny's son, was picked up from school by someone claiming to be a friend of Danny's. Upon hearing this news, Danny cuffs his son gently on the back of his head and tells him to never get in the car with someone he doesn't know again. He then proceeds to tell the police officer a condensed, and edited, version of his investigation. What's your reaction to this? If this were your child, how would you handle things?

I would have been scared to death. I would definitely act like Ellie did. I would stop the story or maybe put them in witness protection or something if I am in too deep. And it definitely seems like Danny is in to deep. Maybe just go to a different town at least, something. But I wouldn't just stay in the same place. Absolutely not.  

6) Questions for the author!

How much research went into taking a boot off a tire like that? That is new to me and might come in handy. I suck with time. So far, so good though.

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