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Thursday, June 21, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #8: Bella by Steve Piacente

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Chapters 30-33

1) In the begging of this weeks reading Danny was giving Clay advice for saving his marriage. I want to hear what everyone thought about this. 
I don't even know what to think about this whole situation. Danny giving Clay advice to save his marriage while he wants to crap on his is messed up. And worse, it is to the guy that sleeps with his wife. I hate how much it seems that Danny cares for everyone else's family except his own. Like after he cheated on Ellie, instead of thinking about it as a mistake, he immediately thought about becoming a father to her daughter and divorcing his wife and visiting her and his son. Goodness, he is so frustrating!

2) In this same conversation between Danny and Clay, Danny mentally sticks up for Ellie saying "I didn't like the self-pity, and I sure didn't like him referring to Ellie as a rotten mistake", what went through your head at that moment?
My first thought was, "What do you think of your wife?" I like that he is sticking up for her at least. I  just wish he would show it. He hasn't had a lot of loving things to say about her throughout the book. They were more indifferent and sort of vague.  At least Ellie and Clay are sorry for what they did. The more I talk about him, the more I want to wring his neck.

3) Braxton claims that if Danny follows through with printing the story about Hank Moss it will hurt military and national moral. Danny, however, claims that the truth needs to be told. What would you do? Is the truth worth knowing/exposing at the risk of military and national moral, or is it better to leave things alone in order to "protect" the greater good?
That is a good question. I am all about knowing the truth honestly. I think it is fair for everyone to know the truth if they are the ones risking their lives. But in Danny's case, I think is ridiculous. He isn't doing this for anyone else but Bella. He is once again showing how selfish he is. 

4) During our Week 2 discussions you were asked to share your thoughts and feelings on Isabel and Danny. Have your impressions regarding these two characters changed any or are they the same from when you first started reading?
I still feel the same. No scratch that, it is worse actually. Danny is acting like a lost puppy dog drooling over his new bone. He is not seeing past Bella and has thrown his family completely aside for her. Even when there was that little thing about Paolo, the gay cousin, he didn't really doubt her word. Why does he think so highly of someone he has only known for two weeks instead of the woman he has known since high school? AHHHHHH!!!!

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