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Thursday, June 28, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #9: Bella by Steve Piacente

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June 28th 34-37
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Chapters 34-37
1) Now that the book is over were any of your predictions correct?
Not really actually. The only one that I got right was of Danny and Isabelle. I knew it wouldn't last. She turned out a bit more vicious than I initially thought. Not sure if I have sympathy for her though. What Danny said was true, apart of her seemed to have died with Hank. But even if that is the case, when the story finally went out, she didn't seem to change. I thought there would be some gratitude on her part, but she was very indifferent. I am glad it is all out there, but why work so hard when you don't seem to care either way? It was strange. She is very strange.
2) In the final chapter of the book Mary, Clay's wife, mentions the possibility of a "Patragno comeback". Do you think there's a chance that Danny will be able to reconcile with his wife? Are you for or against them getting back together and why?
I love Mary! She was pretty much one of the very rare sane people in this entire book. She definitely has more insight than everyone else. I think there is a chance him and his wife will reconcile. I am actually for this. They have both done a lot of wrong, Ellie has owned up to her mistake. If Danny can own up as well, I think they can fix things. They both were stupid and will definitely need to talk things through and have some therapy. Highly recommend the therapy.
3) What are your thoughts on the last few chapters of the book? Do you feel that the author should have given more attention to the aftermath of the Moss investigation or were you satisfied with the brief summary?
I did like the last few chapters, but I did want more. I wish we could have an extra chapter to fill in a few gaps. It was flowing with the outbreak with the media one second then it skipped months the next. It was just a tad bit off, but it ended well I think. I got all my answers, there weren't any cliffhangers and no suspicions.
4) I want to hear what your favorite and or least favorite moment of the book was?
Favorite part were all the rants specifically during the end with Gavin and water guy. I couldn't stop laughing. Gavin is such an ass, he kind of deserved it. Least favorite part was the "love story". Everyone is so messed up. It is weird they are all friends still. Again, why is Mary there? She is too good for them LOL!

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