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Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review: Eternal Kiss (Mark of the Vampire #2) by Laura Wright

Author: Laura Wright
Series: Mark of the Vampire
Number in Series: 2
Format: Paperback
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Pages: 359
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy/Erotic Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Sacrifice will be their downfall. And their resurrection.

Family is blood.

His father unknown, his mother dead, Nicholas Roman was raised by the vampire Breed with one wish: to live as a normal vampire. But once he's transformed against his will into a gifted immortal, Nicholas now has one goal: to stop the Eternal Order of vampires from controlling his life and from transforming more males from his bloodline for their vicious reign. Then comes a beautiful stranger with a startling secret.

Vampire Kate Everborne claims she's sheltering Nicholas' long-lost son. If this is true, then who is the mother? And how endangered are they if, indeed, Nicholas does possess the bloodline so coveted by the Order? These are questions that with every seductive whisper, every silken touch, draw Nicholas and Kate intimately closer and nearer still to the truth. But aroused too are Nicholas' fears that this tantalizing woman has even more secrets—both dangerous and provocative—she has yet to share.


     Oh Nicholas, how I love thee? I am absolutely obsessed with this series. Alex's book was a great debut and this sequel was even better. I couldn't put this book down. It was such a rush, a very sexy rush. If you are a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, you will be a fan of the Roman brothers.

      I love that this book really gave us more backstory. I felt like we missed some of that from the first one with Alex. We heard a little bit of Nicholas' story in the first book. Here, we get a bunch more of him and his past. We find out his past was very dark and destructive. What's worse, is that he hasn't really escaped his past and he has kept it from his brothers specifically Lucian. He was the one who saved Nicholas in the first place so many years ago. I really enjoyed the first book, but due to the intensity of this story, this one was much better.

     We also have our heroine, Kate, who is definitely going on my badass chick list. She is a prisoner at a place named Mondrar, but they let her because she teaches in their vampire-gated community. Tragedy strikes when looking over one of her students who is Nicholas' long lost son. She escapes to take his son to him, but Nicholas doesn't believe her. I love how tough Kate is. Nicholas was giving her a lot of crap and she manages she give it right back to him. She may not be a trained warrior like him, but she was very smart and cunning. I love how we see her transition in the story and hearing her story about how she ended up in prison. Kate and Nicholas aren't all that different. They were an amazing match, truly perfect for one another.

    Besides the story of Kate and Nicholas, we have more from creepy Ethan and from his master. His master will do whatever it takes to force the Romans through Morpho (the change that makes them Breeding Males and makes them full vampires). We do learn who it is and I was correct in my assumption of the culprit. We just need to know why he wants them changed so badly. He is definitely planning something, we just don't know what.

   Now this may be Nicholas' book, but the highlight for me was Lucian. I knew from book 1 he would be a favorite. That couldn't be more true now. The dialogue between him and his brothers is just so much fun. He cracks me up even though his brothers talk about how dangerous he is. He definitely seems more bloodthirsty than the others, but we are yet to see why they call him the devil. I love how he keeps fighting his feelings for Bronwyn. She is the scientist we meet in book 1. They have great chemistry even though they act like they hate each other. But given the way this book actually ended, I think eyes will be opened. Seriously, that was a great ending. My jaw dropped then I burst out laughing.

    This is a wonderful sequel. It was better than the first book. The storylines were amazing and flowed together beautifully. We get a couple of twists that are very exciting and I can't wait to see how they will develop. We get more laughs and amazing steamy scenes that will have you fanning yourself. Whether you are a hardcore BDB fan like myself or you really love PNR, I highly recommend you check this series out. You are sure to get a treat.  

Some of my favorite quotes/moments:
"You're talking about the fruit, right? Because you've clearly already served up your balls to that veana of yours." -Lucian

"Hot date with your bait?"
Nicholas jacked up an eyebrow, "How long have you been waiting to say that?"
"Just came to me on the fly." -Nicholas and Alexander

"I'm going to work out in the tunnels. Smash some heads down there. Hey, if you're interested in joining me, Nicky, I'd love to reintroduce you to my fist. Maybe I can reconnect some wires or something." -Lucian


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