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Monday, August 20, 2012

Cover Reveal: The Vampire Bride Series by Rhiannon Frater

Oh boy! I am sooooo excited for this. Huge thanks to Rhiannon Frater for having me on board. I love working with you. Another huge thanks to Deanna (Sacredmoon) for getting me into this series in the first place. Love you ladies. Okay babbling, here are the new covers for Frater's amazing Vampire Bride series. Enjoy!



Credits for these beautiful covers goes to:
Cover Artwork: Claudia McKinney (Check out interview HERE)

Photographer: Helena Cruz

Model: Megan Young

Typography: Ashley of The Bookish Brunette Designs (Check out her blog HERE)


Check out my 5 (+1) review for The Tale of the Vampire Bride (The Vampire Bride #1) HERE


About Rhiannon Frater
Rhiannon Frater was born and raised a Texan. Though she has lived in various towns all over the state, she finally settled in Austin, Texas where she met her husband and worked as a governmental consultant.
During her travels for her job, she was inspired to write the story of two women fleeing into the Texas Hill Country in an attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. Originally published as a serial online under the title AS THE WORLD DIES, she later self-published the series in three novels to satisfy the many fans of the story. The first novel in the series, THE FIRST DAYS, won the 2008 Dead Letter Award for Best Book (Fiction). The second book, FIGHTING TO SURVIVE won the 2009 Dead Letter Award in the same category.

The AS THE WORLD DIES books were purchased by Tor in 2010.The first book, THE FIRST DAYS, was released in July 2011 and received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. The second, FIGHTING TO SURVIVE, was released on November 8, 2011. The third book, SIEGE, will be released in April 2012.

She is also the author of THE LIVING DEAD BOY AND THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS, PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES: A Vampire Novel and two novels in the Vampire Bride Series (THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE and THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE). All her works have been optioned for either TV or film.

Rhiannon continues to live in Austin, Texas with her husband and is now a full-time writer.
She is represented by Hannah Gordon of the Foundry Literary + Media agency. 

Follow Rhiannon Frater Here: 


  1. Oh my gosh! You named me in your post! *blushes* I'm happy I was finally able to get you to read this series by totally awesome Rhiannon Frater. Ooooh, Rhainnon said her Vampire Bride series is coming to soon!!!!! *bounces* I've been dying for that series to be available in AUDIO!! I can't wait to hear it! ;) Later hon.
    DeAnna Schultz

  2. Yes I did hon. Thank you again. Yes I am glad you finally got me to read it too. Yes, the audiobook is coming out soon. I know you are excited for sure. Thanks for the comment hon.


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