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Friday, August 3, 2012

Indie Book Review: The Fitzy Resolution by A. D. DeSena

Authors: A. D. DeSena
Format: Kindle
Release Date: March 6, 2012
Pages: 184
Publisher: Dogged Publishers
Genre: Political/Mystery

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As conflict builds between the Central Canine Government and the Wilds, Senator Labrador-Casey is called to investigate the mysterious disappearances of canines in her district. Meanwhile, Juniper, a shrewd veteran Senator, seeks to exploit every political opportunity, including Casey’s investigation, for his own personal gain. As her investigation leads her snout-to-snout with disturbing facts about her government and her world, Casey must race against time to stop Juniper from achieving his ultimate political goals. The result is a battle that pits two political philosophies against one another and threatens the very existence of canine society!


   The Fitzy Resolution is a book about a politic battle in the dog world. Dogs are disappearing, specifically Yorkshires and they are trying to figure who or what is behind it. But while dogs are disappearing, those in power are taking advantage to gain political recognition. And worse, there are rumors that something big is coming that the dogs may not be prepared for.

    I love animals, so when I received the request to read this from DeSena, I was intrigued. Of course my first thought was, "Oh, how adorable." However, this book is anything but. This is actually an interesting and aggressive political thriller. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.

   I love our lead character, Senator Labrador-Casey. She follows her government to the letter. But after a series of awful run-ins with some dreadful dogs, we see her slowly see the world through different eyes. They are taught to stay away from the city dogs, The Wilds. They are taught they are the enemy because they are savages. And worse, your villain, Juniper, wants a war against them. He uses the fear of the Wilds and the mythical Fananas (wolves) to get ahead in the political world. I love the conflict between these two. DeSena did a great job focusing on both characters and their tactics especially with Casey. Love the scene with her and the underground rats.

   Now political books aren't really the first things I gravitate towards. But I gave this a shot and was glad I did. It definitely gives you an interesting take on the doggy world. It is a great mix of fantasy and politics all from the point of view of dogs. I love the things that develop in the story. I love the political struggles and trying to figure out who to trust and who to stay clear of. I love the amount of work DeSena obviously put in this especially with the rats. Like I said, I really enjoyed that part. Very interesting.

   This book took me by surprise. It was full of thrills, complexity and a few tears. The scene when Casey discovers the evil side of some humans was awful. I have a dog myself and couldn't imagine such a thing happening to him. I definitely recommend this to those looking for a unique and creative look on the dog world. This is no Disney movie that is for sure. If you are looking for a mystery to sink your teeth into, The Fitzy Resolution is perfect for you. 


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BCC's Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge 2012

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