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Monday, December 24, 2012

Book Review: Boyfriend from Hell (Saturn's Daughter #1) by Jamie Quaid

Author: Jamie Quaid
Series: Saturn's Daughter
Number in Series: 1
Format: ePub (Edelweiss)
Release Date: September 25, 2012
Pages: 387
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

They say justice is blind. But Justine isn’t.

Justine (Tina) Clancy is just an ordinary law student with a faulty arrest record, a part-time job in Baltimore’s radioactive Zone, and a family secret so bizarre even she doesn’t believe it. That is, until in a fit of fury she damns her boyfriend to hell—and it’s exactly where he ends up.

Much to her own surprise, Tina is apparently one of Saturn’s daughters, with the power to wield vigilante justice. But poor Max didn’t deserve to go up in flames, even if he did almost run her over with her own car. Tina’s convinced someone cut the brakes—and now a relentless nemesis is stalking her through the Zone’s back alleys, where buildings glow, statues move, and chemical waste exposure comes with interesting consequences. Tina’s usually a loner, but now she needs a posse like no other: a shape-shifting kitten, an invisible thief, a biker gang, a snake-charming private detective, a well-meaning cop, and her sleazy, sexy boss. But in between freeing Max from hell, saving her own neck, and solving a mystery that threatens the Zone and her newfound friends, how is she ever going to study for finals?


      Boyfriend From Hell is about a young woman named Justine aka Tina. Tina lives in a different kind of world. She is studying to be a lawyer and she works as a bartender/accountant. She works in a part of Baltimore that has suffered from a radioactive spill. So things in the Zone are a bit...abnormal. While out running an errand for her boss, she witnesses a car running into a kid (while almost being ran over herself) and getting money stolen from her. She is shaken up, but she wants to find who the culprit. She is waiting for her not-always-dependent boyfriend to pick her up, but instead he tries to run her over. Out of well justified anger, she damns him to Hell. Come to find out, her fit of rage truly sends her boyfriend to Hell. Tina is now trying to figure out the mystery of her boyfriend who keeps showing up in her mirrors and the crimes that are taking place in her town especially the crimes against her.

      I had a lot of fun with this book. Tina was an interesting lead. She was tough as nails and sassy as hell. She has a messed up leg, thin hair and messed up teeth. But for some reason, every time she gets angry, something happens to change her appearance. Nothing ever seems to faze her though and she doesn't let anyone walk over her. Her boss, Andre, is very shady and likes money. But he is also sexy and may know more about what is going on around the Zone. I actually enjoyed Andre, he was quite the enigma. Tina didn't trust him and she may have a reason to, but I liked him. He was smart and actually charming.

      I can't reveal too much about the plot. But it was awesome. Everything falls downhill after the incident with the kid getting ran over. It seems that a politician is behind it all and knows that Tina is on his tracks. Tina does her best to fight against those that have done wrong and figured out that she has powers. Her anger and thoughts make certain things happen, some big and some small. Tina slowly realizes that the politician and his “friends” behind the violence of the city may want to take over the Zone due to its special powers.

      The book was a lot of fun. Although the Saturn's Daughter part of the book is not explained 100%. She makes these wishes, unintentionally (and intentionally), giving people their due. But is it because of the city or is it because of she is Saturn's Daughter? Or does the Zone enhance her powers. This isn't a huge problem since this just building the world really. I believe this will be cleared up the further along we go. 

      This book was a fun read. The characters and the dialogue between these characters made this book a blast. You will leave this book with a smile on your face. It is more UF than PNR. But my “problem” was that I would have loved a bit of romance on this book. I really liked Andre and could see the chemistry between him and Tina. Quaid definitely wants that slow build up to romance, but with the way this ended, I at least deserved second base. That is right, I said it. Come on, one more chapter Quaid, just one more. Nonetheless, I am dying for book 2, I cannot wait.


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  1. Another great review, Diana. Your blog is one of the most striking that I visit. Nicely done. 'Wishing you a spectacular 2013!

  2. @Tim Greaton Thank you so much Tim. I am so glad you enjoy my reviews and my blog. I do my best :D Hope you have a great 2013 as well hon *hugs*


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