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Monday, December 17, 2012

Guest Post with Tracey Sinclair

Hello fellow Vagabonds. Please give a huge welcome again to Tracey Sinclair. Sinclair is the author of the paranormal romance series, Cassandra Bick Chronicles. She has written to short stories for the book, A Vampire Walks Into A Bar and A Vampire Christmas. Sinclair is here today to share with you why she loves short stories and why they are so awesome. So please join us today and read why we love a good, short read.

Is short sweet? Or why I love short stories

I’ve always been a fan of short stories. My early writing influences were those writers who excelled in the medium, such as Raymond Carver and A L Kennedy, and I was writing short stories for years before I ever thought of writing a complete novel. But it’s only in the last few years I have discovered the joys of stories as part of a series of books – so when I wrote my own urban fantasy novel, Dark Dates, was it any wonder I decided to get a piece of the action?

Of course this kind of thing isn’t particularly new – writers such as Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris and Patricia Briggs have for years written short stories either featuring their main characters or at least set in the same universe, usually for those kind of anthologies that are set around a theme, like a collection of Christmas stories, or holiday romances. But what has made them really accessible recently is the advent of digital publishing. You no longer have to buy a collection of stories to get to read your favourite authors, you can download them direct onto your Kindle, usually for very little money (or even free!)

This is great news both for writers and fans, I think. Writers because this kind of drip-feeding of work not only boosts the coffers between books, but allows you to connect with your readers, and put pieces out immediately without having to wait until you have enough written to compile a collection yourself, which can take years. (My first collection of short stories, No Love is This, has stories that span almost a decade’s work!) For the reader, it means you don’t have to shell out for an anthology if all you want is one story, it allows you to read stuff that you may otherwise not have ever seen (for instance, works produced for magazines) and it gives your Kindle a nice bit of a variety. I love a nice meaty meal of a novel, but sometimes you just want the snack of a short story.

So while I was working on the sequel to Dark Dates, I thought about putting out a short story – and suddenly I found I had an idea (then two!) I just had to get out there. Both give a slightly different angle on the characters from the book, but both allowing the readers – and, if I’m honest, me – a chance to spend a bit more time in a world I’ve fallen in love with. The reaction I have had so far from readers has been great, and I’d encourage any author thinking about it to give it a go – there’s a great sense of achievement to getting another ‘book’ out there without having a whole year’s work behind it. I love being able to download stories by my favourite writers, and I love how market leaders like Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen and Kelley Armstrong (who happen to be three of my faves!) are embracing it.

So how about it? Fancy a quick bite?


A Vampire Walks Into a Bar (Cassandra Bick Chronicles #1.5)

 Synopsis from Tracey Sinclair

The hunter just wanted to be left alone - one last drink before leaving London forever. Then the vampire Laclos walked into the bar, and suddenly his night wasn't looking so quiet after all...

There's a new hunter in the city and he'd targeting Dark Dates - the vampire/human dating agency run by Cassandra Bick, who also happens to be the woman that both Cain and Laclos love. These two fierce rivals must work together to stop him before he drags London’s vampires into the spotlight and destroys Cassandra’s life – that’s if they don’t kill each other first.

Buy here:

A Vampire Christmas (Cassandra Bick Chronicles #1.75)

Synopsis from Tracey Sinclair

It’s Christmas in London but Cassandra Bick, owner of the human/vampire dating agency Dark Dates, doesn’t feel much like celebrating. There’s a rogue vampire running loose on the streets and Cassandra and her friends must try to stop him before he strikes again – even if that means enlisting the help of Laclos, the flirtatious vampire with very definite ideas of what (or who) he wants to unwrap this Christmas…

Buy here:

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About Tracey Sinclair

Tracey Sinclair is a writer and editor. Her novel and collection of short stories (Doll and No Love Is This, respectively) have been published by independent publisher Kennedy & Boyd,and her new paranormal romance, Dark Dates, is now available.

Her work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Sky, Printer’s Devil, Yours and Woman’s Weekly, as well as having been performed on the radio . Her first play, Bystanders, was premiered as part of the New Writing Season at Baron’s Court Theatre earlier this year. She also a regular contributor to online theatre magazine Exeunt ( and writes the Fangirl Unleashed column for
Her blog was shortlisted for this year’s Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.
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  1. I agree I enjoy novellas and short stories because they are a quick fix and a whole collection of short stories is always fun. My favorite authors for short stories is definitley Stephen King. He can sure pack a punch in a few pages.

  2. @Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings So true hon. I agree especially when you find authors that can do so much in just a couple of pages. They make it all worth while. Thanks for the comment hon :D


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