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Monday, December 3, 2012

Indie Book Review: Perfect Skill by Robert Andrew Mayher

Author: Robert Andrew Mayher
Format: Kindle
Release Date: August 23, 2012
Pages: 148
Publisher: Self-published

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Mexico City has become one of the most corrupt and dangerous cities in the world. On a mission to purge this corruption and injustice, Jorge assembles an unlikely team from various backgrounds and ideologies to take back the city for the people by using non-violent methods and social media. Being caught up in the midst of an uprising, citizens on both sides are stuck in a classic power struggle, as people who think they are fighting for justice lose their way when temptations arise. All the violence and romance from a revolution come together in this succinct and suspenseful novel that challenges ideologies across the spectrum.


   Perfect Skill is a story about the start of a revolution in Mexico. It follows a man named Jorge is the face of the revolution. He wants to protect the poor and anyone else the government ignores. Jorge hires a man named Carlos who owns a major news station in Mexico City. They team together to make a huge statement against the corrupt in the city. They hire a camera man named Pedro who to air questionable activity throughout the city, but will stick it to the corrupted government. Pedro sees that there the agenda is different for those he works with and they have little tolerance for those who get in their way.

    Pedro is our main character. He was a farmer boy whose village suffered from a drought and needed a job to help him and his sister. He wants to help make Mexico better and Jorge convinced Pedro his way is the way to go. I thought Jorge would do all that he could to save Mexico, but we see his plans are so different from how he makes it sound. But he really believes he is doing the right thing. I found his character very interesting and as scary because you just didn't know what he would do next. He thought he was untouchable. Rosa was a prostitute that Pedro was in love with. I love how much we learned about her, but would have liked more of her story. What a past! My favorite character was Gabriella. She was a nun for the Catholic Church. I loved how open she was about everything. She was a very blunt woman. She was innocent and believed in the good of everyone even when she gets a sign that says otherwise about Father Juan.

     One character I found very interesting was Father Juan. He is a priest at the Catholic Church and he is also a part of the revolution. He is helping Jorge in his fight against the government by trying to weed out corruption within the Church. But we see that Father Juan is just as blind as Jorge. We see that he bends the rules a bit to help the cause. I wasn't sure who I could trust less; Father Juan or Jorge. We know Father Juan has a past and it was interesting seeing which way he would fall by the end of this book.

     I really loved all the other stories as well. This isn't a typical read for me. The plot was well put together. I love the idea of seeing how people handle corruption from the inside out. All the characters definitely offer more than what meets the eye. Jorge is the hero, a face for freedom. But we see that his fight against corruption is very misconstrued. I love the story with Pedro the camera man. We see that he is now a part of the revolution even though he questions some of the things that go on. He really loses himself in the scheme of things and it takes something drastic for him to get back to himself.

     This was an epic read. This was 148 pages and it packs a huge punch. Mayher does a great job covering some big issues. Corruption (within and without the Catholic Church), prostitution, molestation, religion, and more. It left the impression on me. I hope to get more especially due to the ending. There is a lot more I am curious about. This is definitely a story that will stick with you. Highly recommended.


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