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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Indie Book Review: Taking the Highway by M. H. Mead

Author: M.H. Mead
Format: ePub
Release Date: November 17, 2012
Pages: 296
Publisher: Ion Productions
Genre: Science Fiction/Mystery/Thriller

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Synopsis from Goodreads

When hitchhiking becomes the profession that saves the city, who will save the hitchhikers?

Detroit is thriving, once again on the move. The key to this motion may be the fourths--professional hitchhikers who round out incomplete carpools, allowing the car entrance to the superfast, computer-controlled highways.

The city needs fourths. Fourths need the work. It's an easy way to earn some extra cash.

Or to end up dead.

Someone is killing fourths and the only one who can stop the killer is jaded homicide detective Andre LaCroix, who moonlights as a fourth himself.

Taking the Highway is the newest science fiction thriller from the authors of The Caline Conspiracy and Fate's Mirror.


      Taking the Highway is an interesting look into future Detroit. In order to ride the high-tech, superfast highways of Detroit, they need Fourths for carpooling. Fourths are hired hitchhikers. They are charming, entertaining and easy to get along with as their job requires. But when Fourth and detective Andre LaCroix is called in one night to look at a dead body dumped in the Oh-Zone, he quickly realizes a pattern; someone is killing Fourths. His peers believe he is reaching and is making things personal, but Andre knows something is up and will fight to show

     I really enjoyed this story. Definitely an interesting science fiction read. I love the idea of this futuristic Detroit. Mead did a great job with giving us this mystery of the dead Fourths and terrorists attacks. For a science fiction read, it felt very real. It wasn't that hard to imagine a world like this because there are some aspects of it I can see taking place. Hell, we are almost there when you think about it. We also get a fair amount of action in this book which added more excitement.

      Our protagonist Andre was a lot of fun. You are never sure what he may say or do next. I especially enjoyed the banter between him and Sofia. She was a no nonsense kind of woman that gave Andre a run for his money. I also liked Andre and his brother Oliver. Oliver was a bit self-absorbed and was very much Mr. Hotshot. But he is likeable I must say. They were total opposites, but that just made it all the more entertaining when they were together. There were a lot of great pairs in this book. The chemistry is where this book shines for me. I love the interactions between these characters because the dialogue is great. It just leaps off the page and makes the book feel more real even though it is sci-fi.

      As much as I enjoyed this read, I had some issues for sure. My main issue right off the back was actually how far along in the future are we exactly. I know this is future Detroit, but I have no idea if this is 10 years from now, 20, 30, the book doesn't specify. Also this book gives us a lot of tech jargon out of the gate and it takes a few chapters before you grasp what they are talking about. This could make certain scenes a bit hard to understand. Also I would have liked more on the characters. I would love some back stories, but I can overlook that since I still ended up loving them anyway. I got a feel for them.

      This is a mystery, so I am trying very hard not to give anything away. But trust me, it is worth reading about. Plenty of twists and turns. It will keep you guessing for a while and I like that a lot. Besides some of the confusion I had in the book with just the general feel of Detroit and the world in general, this was a pretty good read. There wasn't a dull moment that is for sure. The characters were lively and had a lot of personality and chemistry. This was a bit more mystery than sci-fi, but it is still a great read for fans of either genre. Definitely check this one out.


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