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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indie Review: The Sins of Mother Superior Two (The Histories of the Sisters of the Order of Chastity #1) by Juliet Baranne

Author: Juliet Baranne
Series: The Histories of the Sisters of the Order of Chastity
Number in Series: 1
Format: PDF
Release Date: November 22, 2012
Pages: 106
Publisher: GoodSamaritan Press
Genre: Erotic Fantasy

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The Sins of Mother Superior is a collection of the histories of the Sisters of the Order of Chastity. Mother Superior and Brother Innocent embark on a crusade against perversion, unnatural acts and sin. REVIEWS of The Sins of Mother Superior have said - ...This book will appeal to all Marquis De Sade aficionado, onanists, anti-prelates and - basically - to all dirty old men and horny teenage males! It's 'all about' the erection of one satyric man inside the hallowed vales of willing women. Written with some definite lashings of tongue-in-cheek scurrility, there is a throbbing of the knobbing throughout, although - to this reader at least - the culmination - or climax - if you will - is a little rushed into sudden flaccidity. Be warned - the tone throughout is anti-establishmentarian and pro-meta-Reichian frenzy. Which - on reflection - might not be such a bad thing at all, eh. Roberson Vaughan - August 30, 2012 Prior editions of this work have also been published under the titles The Mortal Sins of Sister Severa and the Sins of the Countess.


      Where the hell do I start with this one? Wow, this was a read I never would have imagined. This is not a book for a lot of people. If you are really religious especially if you are Catholic, I urge you to run in the other direction. It is an erotic fantasy, but more like an erotic parody. Baranne takes traditional Catholic practices and turns them in ways that will offend some people. In fact, this story is so offensive, it has been burnt and banned. So you are in for quite the read ladies gentlemen.

      The Sins of Mother Superior is about the many sexual encounters between this priest and the nuns. Father Innocence is trying to cast out demons and impure thoughts with his holy “sacrament” and boy does he have a lot to spare. This book doesn't focus on anything but the priest casting out demons through orgasms. The priest is always ready to serve wherever his services are needed. Mother Superior makes sure he is sent anywhere he is needed to stop the spread of evil.

      Now I won't lie, I was shocked as hell when I read this. Then I thought it was kind of sexy. But then that quickly went out the window. This book was 106 pages (ebook) and about 80 pages of it felt the same. The scenes become so repetitive, I already knew what words will be used. Didn't matter where Father Innocence traveled to, the result was the same, done in the same way. The graphic, shocking sex turned repetitive and dull kind of fast because the story never moved past that. The best part of the book, which could have easily been its own short story, was when Father Innocence met the Three Sisters. They were frowned upon by Father Innocence since he thought they were witches. But his view changes and he is soon converted. This may have been the best part of the book, but it felt rushed. If anything, the “adventures” with the nuns should have been short and the plot at the end should have been the main plot of the book because the book virtually didn't have one until then.

      Overall this book is controversial and clever. Now this is a parody of sorts, but that doesn't take away from the seriousness behind it all. This sort of stuff actually used to happen in the Church, so it is pretty scary. I like that Baranne twisted it up a bit. This wasn't a bad read. I just would have liked the story to move more and to not be so repetitive. This is a series and I would actually like to see more of what happens. I at least would like to know if the plot at the end continues. Not a bad read.


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