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Sunday, January 27, 2013

ARC Review: The Seduction (Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Series: Rebecca's Lost Journals
Number in Series: 1
Format: ARC PDF (Simon & Schuster)
Release Date: January 28, 2013
Pages: 40
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Genre: Erotic Romance/Contemporary Romance/Mystery

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Synopsis from Goodreads

An Inside Out novella...

The secret life of Rebecca and the men who have seduced her.
These are the journals Sara never sees, but you the reader, will!

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The journals read like stories and begin the first time Rebecca visits the gallery in the INSIDE OUT TRILOGY. You will meet Mark, Chris, Ava, Amanda, Ricco, and all the series characters as she does AND there are tons of clues to what happens in BEING ME in the first 4 serials. They are woven within the story ready for your discovery, as is Rebecca's dark, erotic journey.


      The Seduction is one of five novellas for the Inside Out trilogy. These novellas are Rebecca's journals. Rebecca is a young woman working hard to make ends meet. She works at a bar and can't stand it. Her dream is to work in a gallery. One night she walks into one just for the feel of it. But that one night has changed her completely after she meets its owner Mark Compton. She knows nothing will be the same. After she takes the plunge and applies for a job at the gallery, Rebecca's dreams have come true, but it could also be a nightmare after Mr. Compton makes a proposition that may be more than Rebecca bargained for.

      I am so glad to have found Jones work. This was such an exciting little read. Finally getting to learn about the elusive Rebecca was amazing. Now if you have not read If IWere You, Rebecca may not mean much to you. In If I Were You, a woman names Sara stumbles on an abandoned storage unit full with stuff. Among those things are journals. Those journals belong to Rebecca, but no one knows where Rebecca is or if something terrible happened to her. So seeing these journals first hand is so thrilling because each one will reveal more and more of her secrets.

      I loved meeting Rebecca and how strong she was considering how crazy her life is. She works a job she hates and she just lost her mom. Before her mother died, he revealed something awful to her and Rebecca feels like she has been deceived. We don't find out what it is, but I can't wait to know what it is. She carries a lot on her shoulders, but she still keeps her head up. I loved her fight. I loved that she doesn't just take things as they are either. We also meet a lot of characters we were introduced to from If I Were You. Chris makes an appearance, but the contact is mainly between Mark and Rebecca. Mark and Rebecca were amazing together. We only get a taste of the development between them, but I am sure there is more on the way. I can't wait.

      Overall, I really enjoyed it. It is just getting your feet wet, so we don't get a whole lot with the story because it is a build up for the mystery. But that doesn't take away from this read at all. I love that we are finally getting more into Rebecca's mind and the start of her new life. This is just a taste really because we don't know where Rebecca is now and these journals hold the answer. I want to know what her mother revealed to her and where she is. This serial was super sexy. The last chapter or two was was steaming up my ereader. I can't wait to see what will come of Mark and Rebecca and see where Chris really comes in. I can't wait for the next one which is set to come out February 18th! I highly recommend starting this series if you haven't and make sure you get your hands on these novellas. Jones goes on the must-buy list.


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  1. I love Lisa Renee Jones but I didn't know about this! Will have to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Great review!

  2. Find her pathso similar to Sarah's. I keep on trying to guess who the master is. I think it's. Mark.

  3. @Jet You didn't know about these? Oh hon, you need to get these now. The next one comes out in a couple of weeks. We are finally getting to know what was in those journals. It is so cool. I can't wait to see what you thought of them hon.

    @Braine TS I know right? It is kind of creepy. I want to say Mark but that seems so obvious. We don't know who else she may have met yet.

    Thank you ladies for the comments :D


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