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Monday, January 14, 2013

Indie Book Review: Alex & Katija: High and Mighty (#1) by Gordon Hooper

Author: Gordon Hooper
Format: ePub
Release Date: November 6, 2012
Pages: 173
Publisher: New Libri Press
Genre: Adventure/Dark Humor/Urban Fantasy

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Alex and Katija are quite the pair. Selfish, cruel, greedy, sleazy and violent—why, the negative adjectives could easily fill a small volume of their own. Over the top, always offensive and never politically correct—their sole redeeming quality is, they are not child molesters.
Alex is heir and owner of the Holstein Private Investigation Agency, located in Stockholm, Sweden. While he is the agency’s brains, Katija provides the brawn, as resident henchwoman. Their setup is sweet, with a never-ending supply of clients appearing at their doorstep and asking for help, only to be swindled out of their money, robbed, or beaten, and then sent on their way. Except some who, wrapped in chains, are dumped into the murky waters of nearby Nybro Viken.
Alex and Katija fight the natural as well as the supernatural—the only thing they really dread is the horrors of gainful employment. This threat is ever present as their finances are chronically atrocious, usually due to the black vacuum of the weekend, with all its powders and pills.
Their cases take them across the globe—so beware! There is NOWHERE to hide.


      Alex & Katija: High and Mighty is a story about a team who fight crime. They run their own agency, the Holstein Private Investigation Agency. It was a noteworthy investigative agency due to Alex's father. But now it is refutable. But Alex and Katija still get calls from people wanting their problems taken care of. Things kick off when they get a call from a woman working at a hospital in which a patient seems to have had all the blood sucked right out of him. It is up to Alex and Katija to find the culprit and this sends them into a tailspin that most would lose their minds at. But lucky for Alex and Katija, they have already lost theirs.

      This is without a doubt the most f**ked up book I have ever read and I must say, I did enjoy it. It is all kinds of wrong and that is what makes it charming in a very disturbing way. You see, Alex and Katija are not the most likable characters. The agency they run that use to belong to Alex's now dead father works more like a front. They use it to steal money from the rich to spend on booze, drugs, extravagant vacations, and prostitutes. They have little care for people around them and would kill their own family for money. Well actually they did. Alex is the brains of the operations. He thinks 3 steps ahead which is why they are never caught. Katija is the muscle. She may look like a beautiful woman, but she used to be a part of the Russian mafia. She kills first and asks questions later, no matter what. If Alex doesn't say something beforehand, rest assured, someone will be dead. She is insanely strong and she scares the living hell out of me and Alex actually.

      But honestly, as messed up as these two were, I had a lot of fun reading this. Alex's inner dialogue had me in tears sometimes. He just cracked me up. Not to mention the amount of shock moments we get from these two are astronomical. Everything a normal human wouldn't do, they will do without a second's hesitation. They steal money from people and go all around the world. While on these big trips, they run into even more questionable people who deal with their own supernatural issues. They visit Colombia for the best cocaine the world has to offer and meet a Yeti (who was high on said crack). They visit Jamaica, for obvious reasons, and have a run in with zombies and a zombie queen. You will not believe how this turns out. I could barely believe it myself

      Doesn't matter the situation, Alex and Katija manage to save people (while still destroying others) and make sure they get money out it anyway, anyhow. Now the problem I had with this crazy book was I wanted more on the actual supernaturals. Alex and Katija know how to handle zombies, ghosts, vampires, demons, Yeti (a freaking Yeti!) and we don't know how. How do they know so much about them? When was their first encounter with them? But this could easily be due to our characters. They are the very definition of selfish and greedy and probably just don't dwell on things like that. Also I would have loved more back story especially Katija. She may have scared me and I wouldn't be within 10 miles of the woman, but there was a scene in this book that really had me asking questions. Katija goes into this mood of hers where she does something quite unspeakable to Alex. We know she was basically raised with killing machines and has become one herself, but there is obviously a lot more going on in her head that I would like to know about.

      This book was thoroughly entertaining. It is full with some laugh out loud moments. I lost it with the way Alex gets rid of the demon. That scene was too much. It is also full of moments that will leave you dumbfounded and screaming, “Holy S**t! or “No, they really didn't just do that!” Alex and Katija are greedy, trashy, high as hell, and mentally unstable. Wrap all that up and you get an explosive, wild, funny, and truly insane read. I say, read if you dare or at least not 100% sober. Oh remind to never visit Amsterdam.


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