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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indie Book Review - Catalyst: Guardian Rising (The Guardian Series #1) by Nancy S. Reece

Author: Nancy S. Reece
Series: The Guardian Series
Number in Series: 1
Format: Ebook (PDF)
Pages: 322
Release Date: July 25, 2012
Publisher: Keith Publications, LLC
Genre: Epic Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Post-apocalyptic

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In a post-apocalyptic future, the fate of the rebuilding world hangs in the balance. An unknown power seeks the forbidden knowledge needed to unleash total devastation once more upon a fragile Earth. It falls to one woman to safeguard the future of the Five Kingdoms.

Princess of the West, Vivienne has been plagued by nightmare visions of past and future since the moment of her birth. Now, to save all she loves from destruction, she must rise above the crippling self-doubts that have assailed her since childhood to become the prophesied Guardian—because the enemy is moving, and the world will soon plunge into a war of sword and sorcery.

But who is the enemy? And who is a friend? Can Vivienne trust anyone apart from her sworn protector, Devon?

The answers lurk in the past—but should the past be destroyed to protect the future?


      Catalyst is a story about a girl named Vivienne. Vivienne is special to say the least. She is the Princess of the West Kingdom and she powers. Her powers make her standout from the rest and she is considered a freak even though everyone has a power. After a great war that has pretty much obliterated everything and everyone, the survivors left have evolved and have special abilities. They only get one power, but Vivienne happens to have a combination of abilities. Her abilities she must keep secret because there are those that will do anything to stop her. Since the world died, all the knowledge of the past has been lost. That knowledge is what caused the world of man to destroy itself. But someone wants to find that knowledge for themselves to conquer all the Kingdoms. It is up to Vivienne to find the culprit. But the culprit may not be the foe she believes it to be.

      Wow, what a wonderful read. This is the Fantasy read I have been dying for. I loved this story because Reece has written it in such an interesting way. When she requested me to review the book, it said post-apocalyptic. But it doesn't read that way. Well for the most part anyway. It reads like back in the medieval times or something. There is magic, sorcery, druids, swords and more. I thought for sure this was an Epic Fantasy. But we get little things that tell us this is more set in the future, like Vivienne brushing her teeth or something and, of course, talks of the past. I really enjoyed that mixture of past and present rolled into one, it made the book even more interesting.

      I really liked Vivienne. She just turned nineteen, but most of the book is told from her past leading up to the now. We see how difficult things were for her from the moment she took her first breath, She can see the past and saw how her mother died giving birth to her and the war that took place the day of her birth. Even worse, she saw the man responsible for the war because he helped deliver her. From the beginning you instantly connect with her because it seems everyone is using her for something. Then you have what some would say, strange relationship, with her protector, Devon. He was there the moment Vivienne was born, but he is sixteen years older than her. But they both share a connection and I do have a problem with this sometimes in books, but I loved them together. I love how this is actually brought up a lot in the book as well. People like them together, but some don't agree due to the age difference. I like that it was brought up and not just looked over. Devon may be older than her, but he was never creepy or pulled a pedo move. I would have quit the book if it got uncomfortable, trust me. But Reece knew what she was doing and for that, I am happy.

      I love how much character development we get in this book and the story. With the way it is told, we get a chance to see Vivienne's life growing up and all that has lead her to where she is now. We see the older she gets, the more challenging she becomes. She is growing into her own and listens to her gut (along with ghosts, but I won't say more on that). Vivienne makes acquaintances, but you are never sure who to trust. And I love that Vivienne is smart and listens to her gut. The things she learns about the future and the past are paramount. I love what we learn about the things that happened in the past and how it plays in the story. Vivienne's role in this book was amazing. The things she does to protect those around her are just so much for a nineteen year old. But she is very ballsy.

     This is a great book. I loved the ending. It left me with my mouth wide open and it promises much more. I can't wait for the next one. This was such an epic read. It has great characters, it was dark and had lots of magic and adventure. Not to mention a wonderful love story. Catalyst was a great read and one I highly recommend.


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