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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Indie Book Review: Eden (#1) by David Holley

Author: David Holley
Series: (unknown)
Number in Series: 1
Format: ePub
Release Date: October 22, 2012
Pages: 235
Publisher: Misery Love Company
Genre: Adventure/Horror/Mystery/Post-apocalypse/Dystopian/Science Fiction/Paranormal/Thriller

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Synopsis from Goodreads

After enduring a horrific plane crash, a small group of survivors must work together in order to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable in the remote wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island.

The year is 2022, and their epic journey, fraught with danger and mystery, will alter the course of human history forever.

Led by charismatic Special Forces captain Noah Lockheart and his wife Evelyn, an accomplished scientist, the band of weary travelers must battle the elements along with their fears, as they race toward civilization, and their hope for rescue.

Among the survivors is Mia Sinclair, an extraordinary girl who can glimpse the future. Through their trials, the Lockhearts begin to uncover the girl’s ability in spite of her best efforts to keep it hidden. But even as Mia proves to be an invaluable ally, her gift comes at an unbearable cost.

Each step brings them closer to salvation– and to unraveling the mystery of their abandonment. But just when they think they are saved, they realize that they have never been farther from home.

Eden is a bold, heart-pounding page-turner, told through the seamlessly shifting perspectives of the eccentric band of survivors. As the thriller unfolds, so do the survivors’ inextricable links to one another in a plot rife with twists and turns, till the very end.


       Eden takes place in the year 2022. The United States is no more. It has been wiped off the face of the Earth and due to that there has been a war. After the war, a man named Noah and his wife Evelyn want to go on a trip to New Zealand to visit their family. But their plans are instantly changed when the plane goes down, but it wasn’t an accident. Someone has tampered with the plane causing many to lose their lives. The remaining survivors end up on an island in New Zealand where they must work together until rescue finds them. They must do whatever it takes to survive. But life again may have other plans in store.

      There aren’t enough words in the world to describe just how incredible this read was. It is such a perfect blend of genres and I mean perfect. It is a Dystopian, Post-apocalypse, Horror, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Thriller, and Mystery all rolled into one. It doesn’t feel cluttered or weighted down from too many ideas. It flows beautifully. This is not only one of the best books I have read already this year, but one of the best books I have ever read. I had no idea where this book would take me, but I was in awe every time I got there.

     The characters in this book were amazing. Each one is unique and plays a crucial role in things to come in the book. There are quite a few, but I will focus on the main four. Our main character Noah is a former Captain for the British military. He is also a survivalist. He is definitely the glue that held the group together. If not for him, many more would have died even after they survived the crash. He is the one that discovered something was wrong on the plane to begin with and he believes that it was a terrorist attack. We also have his wife Evelyn. She is a doctor and was also a huge help to the group. They were amazing companions in this book. You can tell how much they loved each other and were willing to do anything to save the other and those around them. 

     Then we have the twins Max and Mia. Max is the flirty, outgoing one and Mia is the reserved, shy one. But she has to be. Mia has a special gift. Her gift is a paramount in this book. I love how much she got along with Noah and Evelyn when she couldn’t get along with anyone but her brother and even that was feat. Max and Noah were fun together. They were a lot o a like. Both are very adventurous, but Max was definitely the more cocky one given he is the self-proclaimed stud. I also enjoyed the characters we met like Atua and his group of fisherman. They definitely added another layer of mystery to the book. Some I found creepy specifically Maaka. I love Mia's part in it. It is peculiar, but still very good.

     The story is just beyond epic. It is hard to just stick to one main one because each one adds a layer. Once you get the complete picture, you will be screaming. I actually did and even then we are not done. The journey these characters go on is a rollercoaster. They are traveling and trying to figure where to go to get rescued. But on their travels they see that may not be possible and want to know why. The story goes far beyond someone tampering with the plane. They deal with many tribulations while trying to stay alive and just when you think they are safe, they are hit with an even bigger shock than the plane crash. There are no words for what is about to come.

     I have absolutely no problems with this book. Wait, no. There is one problem; the fact that I have to wait for the next book. I want it yesterday. This book is simply a masterpiece. It has all the elements and more. It is clever, fast paced, funny, full of action and mystery and just so much more. I can’t even tell you what genre this falls under. It does such a good job blending them all into one. Don’t even bother putting this on your wishlist, just buy it. Buy it and start it the moment you get it. I swear you won’t put it down until you reach the end. If you aren’t breathless by the time you reach the end, you’ll need to get your head checked. This is one incredible debut. Highly recommended!


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