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Monday, January 28, 2013

Indie Book Review: Piper LeVine and a Gypsy's Truth (Piper LeVine #1) by Eris Kelli

Author: Eris Kelli
Series: Piper LeVine
Number in Series: 1
Format: ePub
Release Date: January 25, 2013
Pages: 303
Publisher: Libertine Press
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Piper LeVine is the daughter of wealthy Senator, Harold and Katrine, or so she thought. When a stranger arrives in the night and throws her identity into question, Piper must uncover the secrets of her true origin.

Treacherous demons from a past she never knew she had are coming for her and only the Gypsies know how to deal with the monsters of myth.

Nicholas proves less than truthful from the get-go, but who can she hold onto amongst a sea of mystic if not hostile strangers? He is dangerous, captivating, and the only one who she knows that will stand against the creatures of the dark that seek her.

In search for the truth Piper will find more than her identity. She will discover her destiny, what she is made of, and the family that determines her fate.


      Piper LeVine and a Gypsy’s Truth is about a young girl named Piper. One night after being grounded, so makes a discovery that she clearly wasn't suppose to make. She finds out that her mom is not her real mom. That her real mom sold her to her senator of a father since he was the father. Dad already thinks low of Piper, so Piper Is more than happy to move in with her wonderful grandmother to work on her ranch. While there, Piper notices strange figures hanging outside her window. A new person arrives named Nicholas in quite the disguise and he knows Piper is distraught over what she has learned about her birth mother. He wants her to open her eyes and find out all she can about her mother. But through digging, Piper finds out her mother is a gypsy. The gypsies are more connected to Piper and her life than she thinks. She doesn't want to trust him, but she has to because they are the only ones that can get rid of the mysterious figures following her.

      This was an interesting take on gypsies. I have never read a story about them, but I have heard plenty. This was very interesting because of the paranormal connection they possess and I liked that. Kelli has given us something quite fresh. I had no idea where the connection would meet, but I liked it when we found out. Kelli has created quite an interesting world and I want more.

      I really liked Piper. She is just a regular teenage girl just trying to live her life. But given her father and his rules, she can't do anything without the paparazzi following and making a spectacle out of her. Her father was just pure scum. Even if she is not your daughter, you don't treat a kid like that. I couldn't believe it especially after we meet Trina. I was asking the same questions like Piper. Why does she get followed around and not Trina? Why is Trina getting the free pass when she is having her own phase? Her adopted mother just took it for what it is worth, The price to pay for the high life. I liked Nicholas, but I wanted to punch him quite a bit in this book. He doesn't really outright lie, but he leaves a lot of things out. If only he opened his mouth a lot of craziness could be avoided. Only a man. I do like how Nicholas and Piper officially met, it was pretty funny. The spark they had was just amazing. I didn't get any sparks between Rick and Piper. Rick is her former boyfriend who says he loves her, but made a mistake I know I would have kneed him in the groin for. But I did feel bad for him. I also love the characters we meet later on. I really liked Isabeau and the relationship that grew between her and Piper. They were quite the match. Although it did get a little sad considering what happened.

      I love how the book builds up to the gypsies. They don't show up until about halfway and once we meet them, things for Piper go downhill. She thought she had it bad with her dad. I take that back, he is awful. Still the things she learns about her past and her family is a lot to take in. I can't say I blame her for her reactions sometime, but goodness. I do like her spunk though. I love the idea of the gypsies and the Sith. The Sith are after Piper given her past and her birth mother. But there are a lot more twists and turns in this book so I won't say too much. I loved them all though.

      This book does have a bit of a YA love triangle, but I liked this one. It is a bit sad though when we get the whole story. I just loved this book. It was well written and kept my attention. The characters are so lovable. I love all the men Kelli has included in this book especially Nicholas. He had me smiling like a schoolgirl. I especially love the end with Grandma Sidney. How can you hate him? You have to check this out. The mystery and the pacing is just great. I was hanging on to every word in this book. Definitely check this book out if you are looking for something unique, fun, and thrilling.


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