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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Killer Poet's Guide To Immortality Blog Tour - Indie Book Review: The Killer Poet's Guide to Immortality by A. B. Bard

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Author: A. B. Bard
Format: PDF
Release Date: July 15, 2012
Pages: 210
Publisher: Wry Ink Publishing
Genre: Humor/Science Fiction/Crime Fiction/Urban Fantasy/Poetry

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Synopsis from Goodreads

The Killer Poet's Guide to Immortality is the riveting tale of a frustrated poet who decides that the best way to get his work read is by pinning it to corpses with a dagger. Alternately profound and hilarious, this novel chronicles in rapid-fire succession the Killer Poet's serial murder spree, rise to media notoriety, capture, trial, and execution by lethal injection. Then it presses further, into the future . . . According to Jack McCarthy, prize-winner at both the World and National Poetry Slams: "To say that this book is unlike any other book I've ever read or even heard about is the merest brush of the surface of the pleasures it offers. To call it a 'tour de force' falls short. A.B. Bard combines poetry and the novel in a whole new way, and it works delightfully."


      The Killer Poet's Guide to Immortality is the story of a man named A. B. Bard on a mission. Bard is a man that wants his work to be read and adored by all. So how does he go about it? He kills people and leaves his work on the corpses'. Of course, this grabs the attention of many. Unlike any regular poet's struggle, Bard's attempt is obviously anything but ordinary. Due to unique methods, he rises to fame. But that fame comes with his inevitable execution. But Bard has other plans. His plans however result into more than he bargained for.

      Bard (character Bard, not author Bard) was a very interesting main character. He is a character you wouldn't think you'd like, but you do. He is the only madman I would like to know. Wait, what? But seriously, he gets such a following in this book, it is no wonder people are behind him even after all he has done. The narration clearly demonstrates Bard's frustration, but given his wording, they tend to make you laugh. Through all his dialogue, his words are funny, offensive, and just plain insane. That is all part of his charm and why you would love to know Bard (both character and author) as well.

      I love the story and where it goes. I wouldn't have seen any of that coming even if my life depended on it. We start by seeing Bard going on his killing spree and spreading making his work to let the world know who is. The story then takes us on a different journey with Bard that was epic and thoroughly entertaining. I am trying my best not to spoil this for you, but trust me, this book goes to some unbelievable places.

      This was a fantastic read. It will offend everyone and everything in our modern world, but that is the beauty of it. Bard attacks with super-sharp satire and laughs while he does (not sure which Bard I am referring to, but let's go with both). This book is an amazing mixture of satire, poetry, science fiction, urban fantasy and crime fiction. This may be fiction, but Bard (author Bard) does a wonderful job pointing out all the issues in modern day America. All our problems get laid out and ripped apart by Bard piece by piece with amazing insight. I highly recommend this for people who want a thought-provoking, profound read with plenty of laughs.


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About A. B. Bard
 Mr. Bard is not now, nor has he ever been, a member of the Republican Party. Mr. Bard does not Tweet. He was once nominated to push a cart, but he never got to push the cart so he went home. He was awarded a sheepskin (BAaa) from Reed College Sleeper Cell. He is way too classy to make a Bachelor o fart joke in his bio. He has never been a Creative writing adjunct. His one super power is the ability to repel all conventional measures of literary success. Lap to a cat. Pal to a girl. God to a dog. Dog to the man.

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  1. OMG Diana! This looks like it'll be so much fun. I must read it. His author profile is hilarious! "Lap to a cat". LOL! Thanks for the review luv. Its awesome as usual!

  2. @SmittenWithBadBoyHeroes He is hilarious. His entire book is the same way. Man definitely has a way with words. You are so welcome for the review, thank you hon. Happy New Year!

  3. Ok got me curous. I have never read anything other than Romance, long time ago Urban Fantasy and YA. I wonder if I would get creeped out easy because he is a killer. But from your awesome review it seems to be so much to it. I might have to think on this one for awhile before I add to my TBR list. Loving the authors profile.

    P.S. Sweetie I adore you. I love seeing my buttons on your blog!

  4. @Wickedly Delicious I am with you. I have started branching out to other genres but PNR and UF are always my bread and butter. It is a unique read to say the least. Thank you so much, I am so glad you like the review. No problem, I understand that for sure. I say at least read for the laughs LOL!

    P.S. *blushes* Thank you so much hon. I adore you too and I love the buttons. The BDB is one of my favorite series ever! Vishous looks so good there LOL! Thank you for the comment hon :)

  5. da Bard don't directly comment on shit, be it good, bad, or other illusory dichotomy. but as his publisher, he has instructed me to mention that he kisses the ground on which you walk.

  6. @Wry Ink Publishing LOL! Thank you for that epic comment. This made my day. I am glad he liked it :D


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