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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Indie Book Review: Red Hot by Ann B. Harrison

Author: Ann B. Harrison
Format: PDF
Pages: 107 
Publisher: KDP
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance/Paranormal Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

To ward off his sexual frustration, Red Gallagher rides his motorbike up the coastal highway pushing the limits of speed and endurance.
When he crashes at the front door of local witch, Rhian Gallagher, she takes it as a sign the Fates have listened to her plea to end the man drought in her life. Determined to take the shy scientist under her wing and into her bed as soon as possible, Rhian patches him up after his accident.

Will the explosive sex between them be enough to convince Red his scientific view of the world can be reconciled with Rhian’s witchcraft?


      Red Hot is a sexy novella about a man named Red. He is shy and nerdy. He is a scientist who buries his life in his work. But one thing he loves is his motorcycle especially when he is sexual frustrated. After one day of working, he rides home on his motorcycle. But things go for a spin after he swerves out of the way from running over a baby deer in the middle of the road. He then meets a peculiar woman named Rhian who heals him in a matter of seconds. She s nice to him, too nice he thinks. He thinks she is up to something and is weird, but cute. Rhian doesn't know why Red is so shy and a social outcast. He doesn't feel comfortable in his own skin. But she has every intention on breaking his shell...maybe with a little magic.

      Oh my goodness, I loved this little read. It was smoking hot, but had a lot of emotional moments as well. Red was just downright perfect in my opinion. Again I ask, “Where are these kind of men hiding?!” It isn't fair dammit! He was just adorable and hot all at once. I really connected with him because I know how it is. He was just amazing. I especially loved him even more half way through the book when he really got out of his shell. Oh my goodness, no cold shower will help you here. Trust me. I also love Rhian. She killed me in this book. The woman was funny as hell. She was quirky and wasn't born with a filter. Her mouth gets away from her and that just made her more fun. She wanted Red and she let him know. No beating around the bush at all. I liked that a lot.

      I love the story – a nerd meets a witch. That just makes me smile because of all the things that would be insane with that scenario. But I love how much Rhian tries to help Red. He really sold himself short and it was awful especially when we meet one of Red's ex-girlfriends' who I swear is demon spawn. The trick she pulled in this book...oh man. I wanted to reach into the pages and strangle her. I love the struggle between them and the obstacles they had to face specifically Red. He had his own demons to face and it was nice to see where it went.

      I absolutely adored this. It was fun, sexy, and sweet. It was a great blend. The dialogue between the characters was a lot of fun again due to Rhian. She had such a strange way of speaking and I guess it was due to her Irish lithe. But you would have sworn she was full Irish. Same thing with Red actually. Did he grow up in Australia or something? I just want to know. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a fun and short read, this is the perfect choice. It will leave you smiling and sweating.


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