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Monday, February 4, 2013

Red Adept Publishing Presents - Indie Book Review: Upload by Collin Tobin

Author: Collin Tobin
Format: eBook (ePub)
Release Date: December 17, 2012
Pages: 282
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Someone’s always watching.

Jay Brooks’s life is in chaos. His mother’s sudden death has unhinged his father, making Jay a stranger in his own home. He seeks solace by spending his spare time with his best friend, Bennie, but matters are further complicated by his crush on Chloe, Bennie’s older sister.

A wheelchair-bound hacker, Bennie Welch practically lives in his basement computer lab. Longing to make genuine connections to the outside world, he secretly films people’s precious memories for later sale and surfs the crowds at rave parties, despite the danger to his frail body.

One night, Jay’s hobby of Wi-Fi hotspot hunting turns serious when he unwittingly blunders into the scene of a crime and downloads a mysterious transmission. When Jay brings Bennie the contents of the transfer, Bennie embraces the opportunity to use his skills to investigate.

As Jay and Bennie dig deeper into the world of electronic secrets, they find that the simple video has far-reaching implications that not only threaten their lives, but society as they know it. Tracing the mysterious coalition responsible leads them on an inexorable journey that will change them forever.


      Upload is a story that follows a teen after he has stumbled on something tragic. He has witnessed a terrible crime and has caught it all on film. He doesn't know where to go with his find, but he shows his best friend Bennie who has great computer skills. As they dive further into the mystery, they find out they have gone too far and end up getting into more trouble than they thought possible. They are now in for the fight of their lives' and must do whatever it takes to save themselves along with those they love.

      This was a very thrilling and emotional read. Honestly, how is this not a movie? As a matter a fact, do any of you remember that ridiculous and inane film, Untraceable? It came out back in 2008 and it featured Diane Lane? A film that was also a cyber thriller. It was supposed to be anyway. Well this is a much better and much smarter version of that film. Upload was just one hell of a read that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end.

      Our main characters are Jay and Bennie. They are teenage boys who know a thing or two about computers. Jay is struggling with the loss of his mother and, technically, the loss of his father. Since his mom dies, his father is barely coherent and is in a deep depression. Bennie is a hacker. He loves his computers but doesn't get a lot of human connection. He is handicap. He has been in a wheelchair for most of his life. I love the friendship between Jay and Bennie. They were almost like brothers. They had their quirks, but they were a lot of fun together. When Jay records the tragedy that took place, Bennie is the first person he goes to. They were both very smart and I love how they were able to uncover the mystery of the murder that took place. The villain Sturgeon was scary as hell. He uses his computer skills to catch government officials and respected citizens to blackmail them so they can give him money. He also has no issue killing people who get in his way or just irritate him.

      The story was just amazing. It is nice seeing a mystery/thriller through the eyes of teenagers. I love how what seems like a one time murder turns out to be a huge organization. As I said, Jay and Bennie are very smart and tech savvy. Through that they were able to crack and hack through the operation. They didn't know how close to home it would hit though. I love the use of technology in this book. It plays a huge role in this story and it was quite brilliant what Tobin came up with. People could take something that is meant to be helpful and change the way we do things, but decide to use it to play God. I love twist this story takes. It is so hard to talk about mystery reads because any little thing could spoil the story. And boy what a story this was.

      Upload is a story worth reading and re-reading. It is fast paced and well written. The mystery was just top notch. The last few chapters of this book had my mouth dragging on the floor. I cried, I laughed and I was in shock. I felt just about every emotion in the last few chapters. I mean that was just incredible. Upload is a wonderful story about two teens learning about loss, love, courage, greed and everything else life throws at us. I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for great mystery, great character development, and just an overall great story.


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BCC's 100 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2013!  


About Collin Tobin

Collin Tobin lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters. He holds a bachelor’s in English and master’s in Education. He has worked in the software industry for the past twelve years.

He was the lucky recipient of the Mississippi Literary Festival’s 1st place in poetry and has also published poems in “character i” and “The Drum”.

When he’s not writing, he enjoys re-reading Nabokov’s fiction in chronological order, eating very hot salsa, and dreaming up inventions with neither the capital nor the initiative to see them through.

His greatest accomplishment is his wonderful family.

His greatest fear is losing interest.

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