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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Magic Wakes Blog Tour: ARC Indie Review + Book Trailer: The Magic Wakes by Charity Bradford

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Author: Charity Bradford
Format: ARC PDF
Pages: 293
Release Date: February 19, 2013
Publisher: WiDo Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads 

Talia has a secret, one that will save her world and yet rip it apart. Only she can decide if the price is worth it.

Scientist Talia Zaryn has always had visions of an alien invasion and of her own death. She has kept it a secret, hoping they are nothing more than childish nightmares. But when her face in the mirror matches that of her dreams, she fears the dreams are prophetic. Talia must prove that life exists beyond their planet, Sendek; perhaps then people will prepare to fight.

Talia's work at the Space Exploration Foundation leaves no time for personal relationships, but Major Landry Sutton is not looking for a friend. He is looking for a traitor. His ability to sense emotions convinces him Talia is that traitor until a touch sizzles between them. In an instant their minds are connected. Just as the two begin to trust each other, the invading force arrives.

Talia and Landry must uncover the secrets of Sendek’s past if they hope to defeat these terrifying creatures. And Talia is the key—if only she can learn to trust the magic coursing through her veins.


      The Magic Wakes is about a woman named Talia who is quite brilliant. She is a dedicated scientist who loves her job. But no one knows about her secret since most wouldn't believe what she is. She is a mage who gets her powers from the earth and the suns (there is more than one in this world). She also has visions and she keeps having one vision about an alien invasion. But they aren't aliens per se, they are Dragumon (dragon-human hybrids). In a science-based world, no one is bound to believe in the existence of dragons. After moving to work at a space station, While there she meets a man named Landry who works for the Royalist. They aren't fans of each and don't trust each other, but they know they must help each other to save the world. But before they do, Talia has to uncover what she is truly capable of and if she can handle it.

      I don't do this as often as I should, so let me start now. Take a minute and just embrace that gorgeous cover for a second. I love it! I love it as much as I love this book. It was a great read. I love the mixture of science fiction meets magic. It was a wonderful balance.

      Talia was a great lead. She was such a shut in given what she was. She avoided people since it seems people seem to die around her and she can't do anything to stop it. I loved her. She had a lot of character development and it made me root for her more. I loved Landry. Although I did find him a bit of a snob in the beginning. He doesn't trust anyone and the way he reacts to Talia's success was just rude. I wanted to slap him and I know Talia did too. But trust me, you will be in love with him by the end. I like that there was some struggle between these two when they met. It wasn't instant love, mainly because they were to stubborn to admit it, but still. They work so well together in the book and the romance isn't in your face. The action and the romance are balanced well. It was a great combination of the two.

      I also enjoyed the villains in this book. I love a good villain or at least a character who is misunderstood like Jaron. I mean he was bad, but it isn't really his fault. I wish we got more out of his story, but I did like where it went. But that Shishali, goodness gracious she scared me. She was just crazy for the sake of being crazy. She likes to kill only because she can. Even though she wants to talk about the injustices done to her and her kind. But all that has happened to her has happened to her because of her. Yes that was a weird sentence, but you know what I mean. After 900 years of living you would think some wisdom crept into that brain of hers, but no. She was just too far gone.

      The story was amazing and kept me at the edge of my seat. Again, the mix of science fiction (teleportation, multiple suns, and many more) and magic (mages, demons, dragons and Dragumon), made this hard to put down. I don't want to give too much away, but I love where it ends up. The world building in this book is just amazing. Bradford truly has created her own unique blend of elements and it works very well. This is a world I was glad to get lost in, it was exciting from beginning to end and I can only pray for some kind of sequel (Stephen, pretty please?) Highly recommended for sci-fi and fantasy fans alike.


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Charity Bradford Bio:

Charity Bradford has been a voracious reader ever since her 5th grade teacher introduced her to the world of books with Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. She’s the mother of four kids that keep her on her toes, constantly reminding her that imagination still makes the world go round. She lives in Arkansas with her hubby and children, and firmly believes that a smile can solve most problems. The Magic Wakes is her first novel.

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