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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AToMR Tours Presents - Excerpt + 2 Giveaways: Altered Souls (The Witch Avenue Series #2) by Karice Bolton

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Hello again Vagabonds! Please give a huge welcome to author Karice Bolton. Bolton is the author of the New Adult PNR, The Witches Avenue series. She is here today to share an excerpt from one of her amazing books and has some amazing giveaways for all you lucky participants. So without further ado.

Title: The Witch Avenue Series

Author: Karice Bolton

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Age Group: New Adult

Tour organized by: AToMR Tours

Altered Souls (Book, #2)

The realm of Altered Souls brings nothing but unrest, deceit, and pain forcing Triss to come face to face with heartbreak from her past.

Facing a betrayal like never before, Triss questions everything she thought she knew about her family, coven, and abilities.

With the help of Logan, she embarks on a journey enabling her to confront the dark side of magic and the person who controls it. Realizing Triss’s ancestors have been seduced for centuries by the dark side, Triss and Logan must ensure no more in their world fall victim to the realm of Altered Souls, even if that means ending the ones they love.

Excerpt #4 from Altered Souls
Instead of the creatures rushing toward me like I had prepared, they turned toward the hallway. They were here for Logan. I had to stop them.
Unguibus Pugionibus,” I recited quickly.
The mob of creatures froze and turned to stare at me.
My fingertips burned as claws replaced my nails. This had to work. If they were a form of Golem, I could do this. I could end them.
Unsure of their thinking capabilities, or attention span, I wiggled my finger at them, hoping I could distract them from their initial goal.
Tsk, tsk,” I uttered. “Your master would be disappointed.”
One of the creatures quirked its head to the side and opened its mouth.
How sharp are your teeth?” I asked.
A gurgling response was evoked from the being. It started moving toward me with lightning quick speed. I held up both hands amazed at what I saw. Each one of my fingertips carried a shimmering razor-sharp claw. Perfect for shredding these creatures to bits.
Recipio Vestris Malis Interserit. Pelle Conditori Fallaciis et Conminuito in eius Excitate,” I hissed. “Ego Praecipio tibi ut Dimittas.”
As long the spell worked, these beings would deliver my message.
The first creature ran right into my claws. The flesh turned to dust, collapsing into a pile in front of me. It was a Golem. I lunged toward the group, thrilled to reach the next victim. They opened up their stance, inviting me into their circle. My excitement turned to fear.
I slowly pivoted to greet every single creature whose gaping mouths did little to alleviate my worry. Some of them moved slower than others, but they all had a robotic quality. Driven by a task. They walked around me slowly, squawking, pointing. Facing the uncertainty of what these creatures wanted, my courage began to fade. The circle of beasts moved counter-clockwise in slow, deliberate steps. It was almost hypnotic.
Recipio Vestris Malis Interserit. Pelle Conditori Fallaciis et Conminuito in Eius Excitate,” I repeated. “Ego Praecipio tibi ut Dimittas.”
I needed to do anything to keep my mind and body active. One of the creatures tugged on my hair from behind, which allowed an opening for one of the larger Golem to throw itself at me. I dove out of the way only to be left attached to the creature gripping my hair.
My heart raced and there was no denying I might have bit off more than I should have. If only these creatures would get in arms reach, I might be able to get my claws in them. Unfortunately, I made a lesson for the one I took down and they were staying away out of my reach.
The creature tightened its grip on my hair and threw me down to the ground. Motivated by desperation, I kicked my feet and tried to escape, but with each movement, the hair on my scalp pulled and tugged without freeing.
One of the Golem staring over me reached out giving me an opportunity to grab its wrist and pull it toward me. The creature tumbled on top of me, and I dug my claws deep into its flesh. The pile of dust fell on me. The others took a step back, except for one.
In a gesture of defiance, he stared at me with pitted eyes, opening the slit where his mouth should’ve been. Flames began spitting toward me. My claws were digging into the wooden floor as I braced myself for whatever might be coming.
Corvorum mundi venire et providere auxilium ad me,” I whispered, hoping my connection with nature wouldn’t fail me now.
My neck muscles were getting tired from the force of the Golem holding me down and my own body fighting against possible fate. The heat from the Golem’s mouth burned my flesh, but I stayed focused.
Corvorum mundi venire et providere auxilium ad me,” I repeated.
Wind began swirling through the room. The chill was coming from the front door. Arching my back, I attempted to see what was causing the change in the air, but the Golem had me pinned. I couldn’t move.


About Karice Bolton

Karice married the love of her life who she met in high school, and she still can't get over how cute and funny he is. They have two English Bulldogs that are the sweetest bullies in the world, and they use their cuteness to get what they want. Karice loves the snow and gravitates towards the stuff as often as possible! She enjoys skiing and tries really hard to snowboard, but often makes a nice little area to sit while everyone zips by on their board. She enjoys writing, and she also loves to read just about anything with print.

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