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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bewitching Book Tours Presents - Indie Book Review: Paramount (Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak #1) by Nadia Scrieva

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Author: Nadia Scrieva
Series: Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak
Number in Series: 1
Format: PDF
Release Date: June 25, 2012
Pages: 270
Publisher: Self-published/Createspace
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

It is a universal fact that humans are unfaithful. Penalties for this are usually unimpressive, but when a betrayed woman happens to be a goddess, consequences might be a little different...

Pax Burnson is the descendant of devas. She has vowed to live her life without practicing her powers, but recent events have overturned her entire existence. Thorn Kalgren has been the love of her life since she was fourteen — he helped her to heal after the loss of her parents. As a close family friend, he is one of a select few who understand and share her unique heritage. Over the years, he became her everything. Pax is now 26, and his betrayal has released a violence within her that she cannot restrain.

While her first instinct is to escape and forget, her aimless road trip is interrupted by a childhood friend in need. An idea strikes Pax as she sees her own pain reflected in Thorn's sister, Amara Kalgren. She is suddenly filled with a new, all-consuming purpose: vengeance. She believes there is nothing else left.

Using ancient magick and enlisting Amara's help, Pax orchestrates a complex, drawn-out plan to deceive and emotionally destroy her former lover. The friendship and loyalty between the two girls becomes fortified and unshakable as they venture down a dark and twisted path together, encountering formidable roadblocks and demons.

It soon becomes clear to Pax that everything she has been led to believe about her powers and her past was shaped by blatant lies. When she discovers that Thorn's infidelity is closely linked with her mother's death, she is forced to make a life-altering decision...


      Paramount is a story that follow a young part demi-goddess who is pissed. She is beyond pissed. She just caught her long time boyfriend with another a girl and given her powers and temper, she shouldn't be near anyone. She can control fire. Well she can create fire. She then finds out that her uncle has also treated her best friend like crap. Her best friend, Amara, is also a part demi-goddess, but she isn't as strong as Pax. So they devise a plan to pay the men back. They practice a magic that they shouldn't to get back at the men. But with that magic, something wicked is coming after Pax and she doesn't know from where. On top of that, there are things about her family's past that are being brought to light. She finds that everyone she trust may have been lying to her for a long time.

      AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Goodness gracious! I haven't been this emotional over a book since the ending of Moning's Dreamfever. I enjoyed this book, but found myself yelling at it and wanting to reach in an punch some sense into all the characters. It was just too much. I think Scrieva must be an evil genius because this book was torture, but in a good way.

      The story of this book is insane and honestly, something I would do if I were pissed. This is why you don't mess with a woman because the things we come up with might even make the devil cry. Pax is so angry at what her boyfriend, Thorn, has done to her. They have been together forever (seriously, he is also a demi-god and has been around awhile), that she and her friend use a powerful spell that would combine them into one woman they name Para. They want to use that woman to get back at Ash (Amara's boyfriend and Pax's uncle) and at Thorn (Amara's brother and Pax's boyfriend). They want to make them fall in love with Para and then rip their hearts out like the guys did to them. I loved this idea. I also like learning about the repercussions, but they are only mentioned In this book. I can't wait to find out all the things that could happen with doing this spell. I know it will be huge. There is something much bigger going on that they don't know about.

      This is a very character driven story which I like because I love and hate these characters. Pax is crazy and violent due to her bloodlines, but I liked her. She had a lot of fire (literally and figuratively). If she is angry, you better get the hell out of the way. Amara was fun, but she was super girly. She was brilliant, but you can tell she is used to being spoiled. I love how much courage she gets when she and Pax are Para though. It seems like she needed Para more than Pax. I also loved the parents in this book especially Thorn's dad Vincent. God or not, that is the most unusual and entertaining man ever. He doesn't have a filter, so the things that come out of his mouth will leave your mouth open. But I love the secrets that get revealed when we meet them. There Is much more to the story then you think.

      Now on to the men. Oh boy. When we first meet Thorn and Ash, I wanted to puke. They were just major a**holes. I just kept thinking, “These can't be the guys these women are in love with. Something is not right here.” But that changed after they meet Para. She is the combination of the women they just left and they see it, but can't out their fingers on it. I love after the few times of being around Para (Pax and Amara can only be combined for 30 minutes at a time), we get inside the mens' heads. We see their reasons for doing what they did. Well more for Ash. I felt so sorry for him actually. I wanted to smack him, but I felt sorry for him. Same for Thorn until his last slip up which I want an explanation for. I mean, this pissed me off. Why didn't you come clean right then and there Pax? Why didn't you confront him? Goodness, I wish I could say it.

      Ok, as you can tell, I enjoyed this book. But I will now cover why I was screaming. First off, as I mentioned, this is very character driven. So much so, the worldbuilding is barely there. I mean, I don't even know if this book is set in the present day or in the future. How did demigods come to live on Earth? Does this world know that demigods exist or is it a secret? I want to know. Another issue were the potential sex scenes. Para is the combination of both Pax and Amara. Amara is Thorn's sister and Pax is Ash's niece. So Ash and Thorn trying to get into Para's pants was a bit uncomfortable at times because technically there are hitting on their own family members, they just don't know it. Another problem was what the girls learn while being Para. The guys think Para is completely human, so they don't know she can read their thoughts. We hear their thoughts and why they did what they did. But even after that, the girls want to continue being Para. Why? Sure what they did was awful, but after hearing their thoughts, they obviously had their reasons. Amara was talking about how charming Thorn can be and it is a trick. How can it be when he doesn't know you are in his head? He is obviously being genuine. Well I hope so anyway. Seriously, I need an explanation about that last slip up.

      There is no way I can fully explain all I want to explain about this book without spoiling. It is a great read. Hell, I am putting this on my favorites list. I found myself laughing on one page and nearly in tears the next. My goodness, this book was really funny. I loved it, but the emotions I had toward these characters were so strong. It drove me crazy. And that is why Scrieva is an evil genius. This book forces you into these characters emotions and makes you feel what they fell. You could take out all of the paranormal aspects of this book and it would still be a captivating read. You have to read this book yourself to experience what I am trying to say. I am not sure my review will quite do this book justice. Just read it. It is for free on Amazon.


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About Nadia Scrieva
Nadia Scrieva lives in Toronto, Canada with no husband, no kids, and no pets. She does own a very attractive houseplant which she occasionally remembers to water between her all-consuming writing marathons. 

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  1. Reading this review has put a gigantic smile on my face! You think I'm an evil genius? Awww! I'm blushing with pride! Hehe.

    Now, for your explanation on why Thorn made that last slip up... I have no clue on earth. That's just the way that every man I have ever known has acted, and I was trying to be realistic. I actually hadn't planned for him to do that when I was writing this book, but that just seemed to be what he felt like doing. I was very upset with him, but it did feel true and accurate to life. :( I'm sorry for what a jerk he was.

    Why are men jerks? I don't know. They just are. :( But if anything, it makes them more fascinating and confusing, and sometimes, appealing. Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing! This has got to be one of the most in-depth and thoughtful reviews I've ever received. =)

    1. You are so welcome. It is true LOL! That actually makes sense. Men do some stupid and unbelievable things. And worse, sometimes they don't seem to be aware of it LOL! I agree, it makes them fascinating, but very confusing LOL! You are so welcome for the review hon. I can't wait to start book 2. I am so glad you like it. It has made my week. :D


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