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Friday, March 22, 2013

Indie Book Review: An Airship Named Desire by Katherine McIntyre

Author: Katherine McIntyre
Format: PDF
Release Date: August 19, 2012
Pages: 246
Publisher: Hazardous Press
Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Airships, sky-pirates, smugglers and soldiers... Katherine McIntyre's An Airship Named Desire is an action-filled steampunk adventure. Ever since their last botched smuggling job, First Mate Bea and the crew of her airship can barely afford fuel, let alone a barrel of grog. So, when a gentleman from Old Germany offers them a fortune to steal a locked box from a British merchant airship, they jump at the opportunity.
Somehow, though, their employer forgot to mention the box's military escort, and the Morlock mercenaries who would kill to get their hands on it. Oh, and that if made public, the contents could engulf Europe in another devastating war. Stealing the box was the easy part. Now, with a target on their back, and some of the toughest characters in the sky after them, they have to find a way to survive.
If the crew of the Desire don't polish their pistols and prepare for a hell of a fight, they'll end up worse than grounded. After all, everyone from the Brits to the Morlocks will kill for the contents of that box, and no one survives an airship crash.


           An Airship Named Desire is a steampunk adventure following First Mate Beatrice (aka Bea) and her crew of smugglers. One day while out on a smuggling job, Bea and her crewmate Jensen take a box from a British trading ship. They don’t know what is in the box, but they are getting paid a lot of money to steal it for someone. But they don’t know that their lives are even more at stake when the box is protected by the military. Now they are being chased for this one box. They know the contents inside are very valuable. So valuable in fact someone close to them is willing to kill for it.

           What an exciting read this was. From the beginning, this was an adrenaline rush. It was like a steampunk take of Pirates of the Caribbean (the first and second movies). I love this alternate steampunk world McIntyre has created. It is set sometime in the future, but the style is very Victorian. This book is a book full of adventure, action, betrayal, lies, laughs, and a bit of romance.

           Our leading lady Bea was quite a hard shell to crack. She is the First Mate and she has to keep her cool. She is a bit of an emotional wreck because of her past. She was a very tough woman and quite butch. I liked her a lot. She could be quite scary at times, but it helped her because she wasn’t afraid of anything. She could take on anyone, doesn’t matter if they are a man or a woman. Bea had a lot of guts. I love how she was willing to do whatever it takes to protect her crew. I absolutely loved her crew. Isabella was a lot of fun. She was a gypsy who knew how to get her way. Geoff was the possible love interest in the book. He was the navigator of the airship and it was clear he had feelings for Bea. All the secondary characters were amazing and had a bit of a Star Trek feel.

            The story is full of action. This could easily become a very exciting film. The finding of the box has put an even bigger strain on the airship. They are running low on fuel and more. Captain Morris trusts his crew, but maybe a little too much. Something terrible happens and it is all because of the box. The crew is trying to get to the bottom of what could be in the box to cause such havoc. What they discover is beyond anything they could have thought of. It is big enough to start another world war.

            I would recommend this read for anyone looking for a fun read. This is a great sci-fi book that was full of surprises and very exciting moments. I do wish we got more on some of the characters especially that Mordecai guy. I was very intrigued with him. I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for more of McIntyre’s work. I hope there is a sequel. Definitely worth checking out.


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Katherine McIntyre Bio:

Katherine McIntyre splits her time in pursuit of writing and her career as a massage therapist. She has a Bachelors in Literature from West Chester University and Massage Certification from Cortiva Institute. As for hobbies, if it’s creative, chances are she’s dabbled in them, from soapmaking to cupcake baking.

She runs a Science Fiction and Fantasy review blog called : Rants on Unicorns and Spaceships

Her published poetry and prose can be found here:

And she's the editor for the anthology: Reinventing the Tropes 

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