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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Interview and Review - Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three by T.L. Spencer

Hello Vagabonds! Please give a huge welcome to author T.L. Spencer. She is the author of the Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three, her debut book. Please check out my interview with Spencer and also my review for Blood Prophecy after the interview. Enjoy!

OBVB:Thank you so much for dropping by today Terri, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

TLS: Hello! I am a Leo baby, born in early August 1992 with a love of all things Disney (my inner child needs permanent nourishment) and from a young age I have enjoyed an active – if dysfunctional – life, taking part in many things, including music, sports and drama. I am an only child, but consider the household pets as siblings; Bella and Donna are the cats and Sapphire is the mental case husky cross.

OBVB: I read what turned you to writing, can you tell us a little bit more about that?

TLS: At eleven I was diagnosed with epilepsy. At the time, I can remember thinking that everything would be different; my outlook on life changed. In many ways I became a small adult overnight. Many people probably don’t know this but epilepsy is quite common though can be extremely difficult to cope with. There are so many aspects to it.

My condition had its ups and downs. Through my teenage years, when most of my friends were having tantrums, I was in my room or in the classroom writing. It was my coping technique; I flooded the paper with my frustration. Over time, thoughts became stories.

OBVB: What first attracted you to Paranormal Romance?

TLS: I have always been interest in the spooky stuff; anything remotely weird and I am there in a heartbeat. The romance aspect developed during my teens. I found some Mills & Boon romance novels of my mothers in a cupboard and since then I became an addict! I am a romantic at heart so finding a genre that mixes my favourite things is fabulous!

OBVB: Who are the authors that influenced you? Any recent favorites?

TLS: First, a big shout-out to J.K Rowling; Harry Potter is a work or genius, her worlds are so immense and diverse, you simply fall into them. I also love J R Ward. Though aimed at the adult audience, her vampires are just amazing and her relationship dynamics have so much range. There are other authors that I adore but if I sat here and named them all, it would take forever! 

OBVB: Blood Prophecy is your debut work? Can you tell us what the book is about and did you celebrate when you were done?

TLS: My first novel! I’m so proud! Blood Prophecy is a three part tale of love, betrayal and self-discovery. Three young women have been blessed with an ancient power and must group together to save the world from an unspeakable evil.

I was so thrilled when this was published! It is one thing to write a novel; to have one published is just a dream come true for me. Quite literally! I celebrated with a Malibu and coke and, of course, a good book. I then watched one of my favourite films, Footloose.

OBVB: What was the most challenging thing to write when writing Blood Prophecy?

TLS: The dialogue! I loathe dialogue. Everyone is surprised when I say this, but I can’t stand it. Which is odd really because I love to talk. When it comes to having written conversations my mind seems to blank. It takes a few drafts to get it right.

OBVB: I love the idea of following three different couples and the dynamics of their relationship in this book, what made you come up with the idea of this book?

TLS: Originally, Blood Prophecy was just one book. However, as I was writing the first part (Blood Angel), I realized just how involved a reader could get with the characters. Plus, the plots could be that much more complicated and the characters that much more detailed. As I wrote, I imagined the shift in relationship dynamics; how one character viewed another, the moods and personality clashes could be heightened to such a dramatic degree.

The enchantresses were brilliant to write in this way.

OBVB: Do you have any muses you used for this book?

TLS: I had my musical muses: Muse, The Kills, Coldplay, Jace Everett etc, but I also have my mythological ones. Celtic myths had a lot of impact within the story; the concept of the triple goddesses was a powerful image within my mind when planning Blood Prophecy. European vampire legends also played their part; so many fang myths, so little time!

OBVB: What genre would you like to write that isn't your own and why?

TLS: Science-Fiction! For my degree, I had to write a transformation piece, turning a novel excerpt (like a horror) into that of a different genre. I chose to turn a historical romance into a sci-fi and loved it. You can really play around with the narrative and liven up the text with interesting objects. It’s almost funny!

On a more serious note, sci-fi has been used many times over the years to make political statements. So there is also a lot of historical value within the genre as well.

OBVB: Is there anything you must have or do when you start writing?

TLS: I have to have my tunes! Before I write, especially if I’m starting a new project, I must have a playlist ready with mood setters. Also, I must wear comfy socks. I can’t write with cold feet!

OBVB: What do you do in your spare time when you are not writing?

TLS: As a university student, I balance my time of writing, studying and reading. I play with the puppy and the cats and hang around with friends. Mostly, I read and listen to music.

OBVB: Last but not least, are there any other projects you are working on right now?

TLS: As it happens, yes! I am currently working on another teenage paranormal romance, entitled Witch Dark. This is a much ‘lighter’ tale than Blood Prophecy, but I hope it is just as entertaining. I can promise battles, explosions, enchantments, romance and even a necromancer!

OBVB: Thank you so much for visiting T.L., you are welcome to come anytime :)


Author: T. L. Spencer
Format: ePub
Pages: 300
Release Date: November 17th, 2012
Publisher: Apostrophe Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy/Young Adult

Buy here:

Synopsis from Goodreads

The darkness is rising. Thousands of years ago, a prophecy was foretold and now it has awakened…
17-year-old Selene Giovanni loses her father at a young age and is forever separated from her peers by the experience and an abusive mother.

When a young stranger, Gregori, starts at her school, Selene’s world changes dramatically. Her once dull and lonely life becomes exciting and dangerous.

With vampires and werewolves around every corner, Selene must make a choice between love, death and the fate of the world. And that is only the beginning…

      Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three follows three different young women whose lives are about to change dramatically. They are a part of a prophecy. They have powers, but they are no where near their true potential. All of them must face terrible trials and accept the lives that have been dealt with. Also they must accept the vampires they have been destined for and keep their secrets or face their deaths.

      I liked this read. The story was really larger than life and I really liked the premise. I really liked how Spencer split the book up into three parts. They are like three novellas put into one book. But you must read them in order or you will be lost. But for the things I liked, there were things I had issues. They are small things, but they kind of add up to big things.

      Our main characters; Selene, Aynia, and Lalinn. They were all very different, but they all have the ability to save the world. They were all human until they met their destinies. I liked them, but had my issues. Selene, for example, is the main one of the story, she is the leader of the all the vampires and basically the world. She starts off as a teen girl who has lost her father and her mother is an abusive drunk. You instantly have quite the connection with her. But then after she goes through her transformation, she is a completely different person. I found it so odd, she didn't feel like the same person. It was like she was possessed or something. There was also when she found out what Gregori was. I know she has powers of her own, but her reaction, or lack thereof, was unrealistic. Where was the curiosity, the questions, anything.

      Aynia I think might be a favorite for me. She could see souls and death. She haunted by something she has seen a year ago. She blames herself for the death of many people and it has made her a recluse. But things change for her when she meets Selene and Gregari and their friend Sariel. I like her because she felt the most realistic in the book. I love that she was willing to learn more and when there were secrets revealed, I love how she handled it. If up to me, I would have made this book about her. 

     Then there is Lalinn. Oh sweet baby Jesus, this girl ticked me off. I understand she experienced something tragic, but when people want to help her and be there for her, she acts like a b**** or an idiot. I saw red after the insane decision she made at one point in the book. I was cursing up a storm. I love a survivor, but my survivors have to be smart. You have a group of supes with god-like powers at your back. How the hell do you not ask them for help? How do you just abandoned them? I am making myself mad again just by talking about it.

      The plot really kicks up during Aynia's book. Things are revealed about her father that turn into something huge in the book. The vampire hunters know about the prophecy and the enchantresses and they want to prevent it at all cost since they think they are demon spawn. But this book really focuses on the relationships of these characters and accepting their new lives and improved powers. I liked the relationships except Lalinn and Dmitri. I loved Dmitri and he deserves so much better than Lalinn. Seriously, I loathe this chick. If you read this book, I know you will feel the same.

      Now for my issues. My biggest problem was the lack of backstory for some of the secondary characters. Like Selene, she is always getting harassed by this guy named Alex. But why? It was so random, why was he so abusive towards her? Also Aynia's mom. This was the most confusing thing for me. She is in tears over Aynia's father and says she made a huge mistake. But the last time we see her in the book, her actions completely contradict everything we saw earlier. It made no sense and gave me a headache. What was the reason for that? I have no idea. 

     Then there was the feeling of being left out of scenes that we should take part in. There were flashbacks that seemed to come out of nowhere when you think the book would just transition into that scene. Instead we are only told about it, we aren't actually in it. That happens a bit in the book where there is a flashback or it almost seems like a scene was missing. We are just told about it later. Also the book doesn't explain how a vampire can have a child with a human. Although, the vampires seem more human in this book, it is said they still do not have a heartbeat. So, how does that happen?

      There are other things, but they don't rub me the wrong way like those. Well, for the most part. I did like the story and I was enveloped. But it does feel a bit disjointed at times and I wish it did flow a little better. But it isn't bad. I wish we got more about the secondary characters though. But this book has its frustrating moments. Again, Lalinn drove me crazy in the worse way. I just can't believe it. She is so selfish and it sucks her soulmate has to suffer from her stupidity. Even though I was frustrated with parts of this book, I still liked it. This is a good debut from Spencer. I would like to see what else she has up her sleeve.

T.L. Spencer Bio:

TL Spencer was born in Lincolnshire and, as her father was a member of the armed forces, she travelled frequently. As a child, she lived in places such as Reading and Salisbury, taking advantage of being a short drive from the mystical Stonehenge – one of her favourite places.

She was diagnosed with epilepsy while living in Germany aged 11, and turned to writing as a way to cope with her condition. She is now studying at university and hopes one day to become a teacher.

Follow  T.L. Spencer here:

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