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Thursday, March 28, 2013

JKS Communications Presents - Guest Post with Judy Mollen Walters, author of Child of Mine

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Hello again Vagabonds! Please give a warm welcome to author Judy Mollen Walters. She is on tour for her book, Child of Mine. She is here today to talk about her first book and about how she became an author. So sit back and enjoy!

People will often ask me how I decided to become an author. What I like to say is that this job found me rather than me finding it.

I was never good at much in school except for reading and writing. I read at an early age, and growing up, I always had a book in my hands wherever I went. My grandfather took me to the mall book store on Saturdays to let me buy whatever books I wanted, and instead of clothes in my bottom dresser drawer – who cared about clothes anyway? – I stored all of my books. The drawer eventually broke under their weight!

I majored in English in college and went into publishing. I was an editor in the nonfiction area – test prep books (SATs anyone?), scholarly (History of Malta?), and reference (How to send email, back from the early days of emailing!) I loved the process of helping the book come together. The idea, the writing, the editing, picking the paper and the ink and the type and working with a cover designer, but I wanted to be the person writing the books. I didn’t think I was good enough.

Sixteen years ago, I “took a break” from publishing to raise my two children. I had an older daughter who was three and was about to have my second. I didn’t think I would be able to manage both raising two young children and working outside the home. I was fortunate that we could consider this option. I thought I would look for a new job after a year. But a year turned into two turned into five….and well, here I sit, sixteen years later, the proud mother of a freshman in college and a freshman in high school and no career.

Along the way, I came up with ideas for novels. At first I tried to ignore the ideas, but they wouldn’t go away. So I wrote one just to get the idea on paper. And then another. And then another. And then another….you get the idea. None was good enough for publication. Somewhere along the way, writing to get the ideas out became writing with the goal of publication. And though it was a steep mountain to climb, and I was rejected hundreds – yes, hundreds –of times, last week, my lifelong dream of becoming an author was fulfilled with the publication of my novel, Child of Mine, the story of an infertile midwife who searches for her biological parents when she realizes she can’t have her own baby. 


About Judy Mollen Walters   

After many years working as an editor in non-fiction publishing, Judy became a Stay-at-Home Mother to her two girls, conceived via infertility treatment. She wrote Child of Mine as an homage to the struggle nearly 1 in 6 couples go through in order to have their families.

I love to hear from readers! Please email me at, check out my website at, tweet me @judymwalters, or like my author Facebook page.

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