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Monday, April 22, 2013

Read Along + Review + Giveaway: The Arrival of Armando DeLeon (In Darkness We Must Abide #3) by Rhiannon Frater

Episode 3: The Arrival of Armando DeLeon

We finally meet Armando. I love what we got. He is definitely more mysterious than I thought he would be. I do like the friendship brewing between him and the Socolis. I especially like the instant crush Varona has on Armando. But Armando is definitely a suspicious character. It does seem he likes the family, but he has other plans for them. I am dying to find out what his role really is in all of this. This will be a lot of fun.

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Author: Rhiannon Frater
Series: In Darkness We Must Abide
Number in Series: 3
Format: ePub
Release Date: April 12, 2013
Pages: 46
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Horror

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Synopsis from Goodreads 
Episode 3:

A mysterious new vampire appears in the life of the Socolis. Is he friend or foe?

In Darkness We Must Abide is the epic saga of one young woman caught in the dangerous world of the creatures of the night.

Already living in the shadows due to her albinism, Vanora is just a little girl when her older brother inadvertently unleashes a terrible evil from the family crypt that changes their lives forever.

As she grows up in a world where beautiful deadly beings hunt by night, one captures her eye and her heart. Yet, can she trust the mysterious Armando? For there is a powerful entity plotting to claim her when she reaches adulthood in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and her enemy has enveloped her in a web of deceit, casting doubt on all she believes to be true. Soon, she will have to fight not only to save those she loves, but also for her very soul.

Rhiannon Frater delivers a chilling adventure once again with this multi-part epic serial with a dynamic cast, old school vampires, bloody action, a smoldering forbidden love, and a terrifying villain set against the backdrop of a modern day vampire war.

Each episode will be between 10,000 and 20,000 words with new installments being published every 2 to 3 weeks.

Episode 1: Death Comes Home
Roman Socoli inadvertently releases a terrible evil when he has his Romanian ancestors entombed on his estate in Houston, Texas.

Episode 2: Death in the Shadows
Death has claimed a Socoli, but the family curse will not allow him to stay dead. Vanora and Alisha must battle the creature that stole their brother's life while fearing the possible resurrection of Roman.
      The Arrival of Armando DeLeon is the the third serial in Rhiannon Frater's In Darkness We Must Abide series. Varona is now in her teens and has adjusted well to her new life. Her older brother and sister are now vampires, but they are nothing like the monster that turned them. They are actually quite normal. Things are going well until one night while Varona and Alisha go shopping for junk, she meets a man named Armando. Varona knows he is a vampire and can't help but sense danger around him, yet she is attracted to him. Armando is interested in her as well, but maybe for entirely different reasons.

      Finally! We finally get to meet the elusive Armando. I am both happy and pissed. He knows Roman is alive and he knows exactly what he is, He wants to be a part of his circle. He is tired of the other vampires and their games and finds it refreshing to be around vampires who still have a human life and are not sucked into the vampire's way of thinking. I won't say more about it, but he has more reasons as to why he wants to be in the Socolis' lives. I am dying to know where this goes since we know Vanora is still talking to him when she is in her twenties.

      I really enjoy this family. They had me cracking up at times. Alisha is being a bit rebellious with her new boyfriend, Sin. I am with Roman on this one, dating a guy named Sin, you are doomed from the start. But he wasn't all that bad, I must admit. Vanora was a blast. She is fifteen and obviously wants to grow out of her childish ways. When Armando shows up, it couldn't be more clear. She wants to impress him and not seem like a child in front him. But she was a lot of fun. She is one of those characters I would love to know and be friends with in real life.

      I can't believe where this book ended. I didn't see that coming. Armando apparently isn't the only one who wants in on the Socoli family, well Roman anyway. This was a very interesting part in the book for sure. It made it just that more amazing.

      These books get better and better. The more information we get with each book, the more intrigued we are. The Socoli family is such a blast. It will be very exciting and scary to see what will happen next. I really want to know what Armando will do and what the Socolis' will do when they discover his secret. I can't wait.

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