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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Echo Tour - Review + Amazon GCs/Swag Giveaway: Blood Echo by Melissa Simonson

Author: Melissa Simonson
Format: ePub
Release Date: March 27, 2013
Pages: 212
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Genre: New Adult/Paranormal/Thriller

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Iris Avery and her best friend, Estella, spend their time drowning in the empty excesses indulged in by their crowd of Upper East Side snobs until Estella’s sudden, shocking death.

Iris searches for answers in everything from philanthropy to hypnotherapy, feeling her existence is nothing more than a dark half-life full of guilt and repentance, but finds only endless questions. And several of them revolve around her when she discovers she’s connected to a high-profile murder.

When Estella’s voice whispering cryptic commentary in her head, Iris can’t help but wonder if the hypnotherapy has been helping or hurting. Is her friend trying to warn her about something?

Bizarre packages pile up on her doorstep, and their meaning is obvious: Iris’s secrets aren’t so secret after all.

      Blood Echo was quite the read for me. I personally have never come across something like this. It is an emotional thriller that really took me by surprise. Our main character is Iris. Her and her best friend Estella are rich beyond belief and spoiled. They are best friends and they have known each other for a long time. Their relationship is strained and dark at best. It all started with their drug abuse. They are both drug addicts. Well at least one of them is. Estella is dead and Iris is trying to cope with her death. She doesn't know how to handle Estella's suicide, but she is coping. I like that even with all she has been through she is still quite the fighter even though she is very tortured. On top of that, she is also a vampire. I love that Simonson doesn't say it outright. It is actually very subtle. This is a thriller with a tad bit of paranormal thrown.

      Another aspect I enjoyed about this book was the emotional rollercoaster. Iris is such a tortured soul, but there are those along the way that help her. I loved her relationship with Fred. Fred was a homeless man she met the night she was turned. He knows everything about her and only because she was high when she met him. I loved how unlikely their friendship was. Even though they were so different, they had a lot in common. I also enjoy her relationship with Darren. Darren was her boyfriend and he was the on that turned her. He cares about Iris and what she is going through even though she won't listen. He warned her about the Blakes, Estella and her family, but she won't listen.

      I loved the story. After Estella's suicide, strange things seem to be happening around Iris. A month after Estella dies, Estella's father is killed. No one liked the man especially Estella and her brother Adam. Someone killed him and dump Estella's secret stash on him. After that, Iris notices someone has been in her home without her permission. Then other tragedies take place and it all seems to be centered around Iris. She knows someone is stalking her. She knows whoever it is knew her and Estella due to the messages they leave her. Simonson does such a great job building up this mystery. I am really good at figuring out these mysteries. This really threw me for a loop. We get a huge reveal halfway in the book, but it isn't even the icing on the cake. There is much much more.

      I highly recommend this book. It is a wonderful psychological thriller. I loved the amount of emotion that was put into this book. The relationships between these characters was dark and complex. This book could have easily been written without the little vampire twist because Iris is very much human. But her powers do come in handy (she has the ability to heal and kill with just the touch of her hands). This book will grab your attention from the very first page. I read it in a day. That ending, oh my goodness that ending. Wow! Check this out today.


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Melissa Simonson Bio

Melissa has been writing for four years and started mainly out of weekend boredom.  She’s a self-professed caffeine addict and a terrible driver; she has a weird fascination with rosary beads, complicated cocktails, and Diet Coke.
When she’s not writing, she can be found watching endless hours of Dexter and Weeds and reading dark, gritty fiction.
Since she saw him in her favorite movie Snatch, Melissa has wanted to marry Jason Statham.
She lives in Southern California with her four year old son, Liam, who is already smarter than she is.

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