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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling Death Blog Tour - Review + Giveaway: Feeling Death (The Death Trilogy #1) by D. T. Dyllin

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Author: D. T. Dyllin
Series: The Death Trilogy
Number in Series: 1
Format: ePub
Release Date: May 27, 2013
Pages: 231
Publisher: Dragonfairy Press
Genre: Erotic/Paranormal Romance/Mystery

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Samantha Bevans is having the best sex of her life—but it's not with her husband. Fortunately for her marriage, the affair is all in her mind. Isn't it? As an empath, she senses other people's emotions. But her connection to the man with the the chiseled face and haunting eyes seems so real.

There's no time for fantasies with a serial killer loose in Pittsburgh. The killer is targeting dancers at a strip club where Samantha used to bartend, back when drugs were the only cure for the torment of her abilities. As a member of a special task force, Samantha uses her talents to sense the victims’ final thoughts. Just when she thought the case was complex enough, she discovers one of the victims was thinking about her fantasy man when she died.

Who can Samantha trust when she can’t trust her own mind? An empath feels the emotional environment around her…and Samantha is surrounded by death.

      Feeling Death follows a woman named Sam who has a special ability. She is an empath. Her empath abilities make her very important in finding some very dangerous killers. Aside from trying to catch a serial killer, Sam is experiencing some scary and interesting things in her life. She is married to a man named Nixon, but can't get the thoughts of a man named Austin out of her head. She hates that she is cheating on her husband even though it is mentally, but something feels right about it even though she won't admit it. Sam soon finds out not everything isn't what it seems, both with those around her and herself.

      This is easily going on my favorite reads of 2013 list. It wouldn't be a great list without this book on it. Feeling Death oozes imagination and creativity. You will be on the edge of your seat from beginning to end with this. Oh my goodness, the mystery will kill you. I couldn't believe it and it is only the beginning.

      Sam is a very complex character and for good reason. Her empath abilities can pick up on peoples' emotions and sometimes their thoughts if they are strong enough. She is able to feel the last moments of someone's life and that is what makes her so good at her job. Now if you are like me and you are a fan of that new Hannibal show, she has Will's ability which is pretty awesome and freaky as hell all at once. While hunting a serial killer targeting strippers, she knows exactly who the killer is. But that is only the beginning. The story goes much deeper than that. There are a lot of things and I mean a lot of things being kept from Sam. Top of that list is the mysterious Austin that replaces her husband's face. She has no idea who he is, but she knows he means something to her. At first she thinks she is losing her mind, but that may not be the case. I did want to punch her a couple of times in the book given the Nixon situation. But after hearing what her empath abilities due to her personally, I can understand. But still though.

      But I still love Sam. She was both vulnerable and stubborn. I love the connection she had with the other characters in the book specifically when we meet the elusive Austin. Oh boy, you want to talk about chemistry. I loved their scenes together. They went from being very sexy and steamy to sweet and funny. Just everything came together so beautifully. I love how these characters were written out. Their personalities added a lot to the book. And if I am being honest, I am Team Nixon. I love the scenes we get when meeting him. I knew if I met him, I would have been giggling like a silly schoolgirl. He had me smiling from ear-to-ear. This is also where I would have placed one of those well deserved punches on Sam. I get the connection between her and Austin, but come on.

      The story was incredible. I have never come across anything like this before. I love that this is such a beautiful mixture of paranormal and mystery. Dyllin's writing style is impeccable. This woman is a master with pen and paper (or fingers and keys, whichever she prefers). There is soooooo much more to this story that catching a serial killer. Everything comes back to Sam and her memories. Her memories play a huge role in this book. We get snippets in the beginning of the book, but they become more elaborate in the second half of the book. Some of these flashbacks will get repeated , but that is part of the mystery. Someone is playing with her and those she loves and you are dying to find out who. The twists, dear sweet baby Jesus, the twists! And yet there are so many questions left when it is all over. Dyllin is definitely not done teasing us. The things we learn are staggering.

      I really hope I am not giving away too much. It is impossible not to mention some things when writing about this book. But trust me, this is only the surface. There are characters in this book that we will meet that I feel know much more than they let on. There are even scenes when you know something just doesn't feel right. You know something is definitely wrong, but you can't put all the pieces together. I love a great mystery and this one has me stumped liked no other. It is an incredible jigsaw puzzle that I am going to have a lot of fun putting together. I didn't want the book to end. As a matter of fact, it should have been longer since I felt the ending was a bit rushed. But I think Dyllin did this for a reason. This is a must read. You honestly won't find a book quite like this. Get it right now. What are you doing still reading this? Start it now!


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  1. Again... Thanks for taking the time to read and review as well as being a part of the tour! I'm super pumped you enjoyed both Feeling Death & Broken Gates! *Double time happy dance* :D

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