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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Indie Book Review: Amazing Grace by James Hellvig

Author: James Hellvig
Format: ePub
Pages: 250
Genre: Crime Thriller/Mystery

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Synopsis from Goodreads 

Sometimes being haunted by your past can be what saves you.

World-weary combat veteran, Major Tammy Fuller, from a small group of female Special Forces, has been battling inner demons from a past mission for years. A chance encounter changed the course of her life, bringing her to an inner city church where new and old enemies await her.


     Amazing Grace follows a veteran named Tammy. She is way down on her luck. She feels like she has nothing to live for after what she has done in the Special Forces. Tammy is miraculously saved by a little girl and is given a second chance at life. That chance leads her to the unlikely career as a pastor, but not just any pastor. She is slowly becoming a force in the city fighting against local gangs in her area and saving would-be gang members from going down the wrong path. Tammy's meddling, however, brings on terrible consequences when an arms dealer that goes by the alias, Demonis Alumno, will stop at nothing to destroy Tammy and everything she loves.

     Goodness gracious! This book really took me by surprise. I don't usually read Crime Thriller reads, but I jumped at the chance when I was approached by the author to review this. This book has surpassed my expectations and more. I love a book that gives you those, "Oh sh*t!" moments and this book had plenty. 

     This book wastes no time putting you on an emotional rollercoaster. We learn that our main character Tammy has done something that she can't live with. She plans to kill herself. While working with the Special Forces, she had to make a tough decision that will haunt her forever. But she is saved when a little girl named Anna comes to her apartment to help save her grandmother. That little girl now means everything to her. I loved how close they have gotten and how it seems they have saved each other. There may be a tear or two for sure. Tammy was just a great main character, you will be rooting for her. She is tough and even though she has been through a lot, she is willing to do anything to help someone.  She uses all she has learned in the Special Forces against the crime in her city. She is not your typical pastor at all and that made it all the more fun. The other characters were amazing as well. I love how close they all have become and the support they show for Tammy. They know Tammy is the female Rambo and I love how they accept her even though she is too hardheaded for her own good. 

    This story was just action packed. I could see this as a film or something. I didn't expect this to be so action-packed and it made me love it more. Tammy is a no-nonsense kind of chick. When she saves one of her students from the church from being attacked by a gang, word gets out that she is no run-of-the-mill pastor. She is quickly deemed a hero and that has made her a target. Demonis Alumno does not like this pastor cleaning up the streets and taking out their gang members. Demonis is ruthless and evil (hence the name) and anyone that is of no use to them is tortured and/or eliminated. Tammy has been up against terrorists and isn't afraid of Demonis, she is just afraid of what they will do to those close to her. Tammy finds out that Demonis is on to her and won't let anything stop her. Demonis isn't your regular crime lord either. She has connections in very high places and has something very big planned that could possible ruin more than just the city.    

     Once you start this book, you will not be able to put it down. The action is exciting, the characters are lovable and feel like people you know, the twists are mind-boggling, and the story was well put together. This is such a great story of courage and standing up for things that truly matter. The villain is just  as intriguing as well. They scared the hell out of me. I always say villains should be just as interesting as the good guys and Hellvig did a great job their as well. I can't tell you what happens, of course, but you will love where this story goes. It will knock you right out of your chair. This is definitely a favorite of 2013. A must read even if thrillers aren't your thing. 


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  1. Diana,
    I am honored and humbled by the thoughtful and kind review. Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you so freely give.
    Most Sincerely,
    James Hellvig


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