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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Day Blitz - Spotlight + Amazon GC Giveaway: The Stranger She Married (Rogue Hearts #1) by Donna Hatch

Author: Donna Hatch
Series: Rogue Hearts
Number in Series: 1
Release Date: August 24, 2013
Publisher: Self-publishing
Genre: Historical Romance
Presented by: Irresistible Reads Book Tours


Synopsis from Donna Hatch

To save her family from debtor's prison, Alicia must marry the first wealthy man to propose. Her choices narrow to a scarred cripple with the heart of a poet, or a handsome rake with a deadly secret. Cole believes he is beyond redemption, yet cannot deny his attraction for the girl who touches his heart. He must protect her from the murderer killing her family before she becomes the next target.

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“I enjoyed our visit last week, Miss Palmer. I look forward to another very soon.” Colonel Westin eyed Alicia much as a man might evaluate horseflesh at an auction.
She had no intention of spending another moment with the colonel, a sour, disagreeable old man. She couldn’t imagine him as a heroic cavalry leader. But then, forty years ago, he might have been a formidable officer. He certainly bullied his servants with the authority of a general.
Alicia’s gaze strayed back to the staircase. She started. Lord Amesbury stared directly at her with an intensity that sent a tremor through her stomach. His masculine beauty was almost painful, like looking at a handful of diamonds in the bright sunlight. Even at this distance, she could see the sharp brilliance of his blue eyes. As he moved through the crush, others gave away. His predatory grace mimicked that of a great cat, each movement deliberate, powerful, athletic, as if he held a vast reservoir of strength that lurked, coiled, ready to strike. Those piercing sapphire eyes remained fixed
upon her with unnerving intensity.
Colonel Westin’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “I don’t dance, but I hope you’ll honor me with a walk in the gardens later this evening.” His condescending tone suggested that she should be the one honored by his request, rather than he.
The Viscount Amesbury drew her gaze again. He now stood in a circle of guests as his aunt and uncle introduced him. His mouth twitched as if he suppressed a wry smile during the introductions. A dark eyebrow lifted slightly, suggesting that he found them mildly entertaining, but secretly laughed at them all.
Miss Palmer. You are not attending me.” The colonel’s tone grew irritated. And Uncle Willard certainly would not approve of Alicia irritating any of her suitors, regardless of her feelings for them. Her entire family counted on her to marry well. And soon, or they all faced debtor’s prison.
Oh, how had she become so trapped? The room became too warm, the crowd too close. She cast about for an avenue of escape and only then realized that Elizabeth and Mrs. Hancock were no longer with her.
 Biting back an impolite response, Alicia offered what she hoped would be an apologetic smile. “Forgive me, Colonel.” She nearly choked on the words. “I would be pleased to take a turn about the garden with you. Appropriately chaperoned, of course. Would you please excuse me, please? I believe Mrs. Hancock wants me.”
The Colonel glared at her through his monocle. Forcing herself to not run, Alicia curtseyed and wound her way through the revelers in search of Mrs. Hancock and Elizabeth. She had to remind herself to breathe. She had no desire to marry for money. She wanted to marry for love. Her parents had been in love; shouldn’t she be granted the same privilege?
But, no. One well-placed bullet ripped from her everything she held dear.


About Donna Hatch

I've had a passion for writing since the age of 8 when I wrote her first short story. During my sophomore year in high school, I wrote her first full-length novel, a science fiction romance. I wrote my second novel during my senior year, a fantasy romance. Needless to say, English and Creative Writing were always my favorite subjects. Yes, I'm a total grammar geek! In between caring for six children, (7 counting my husband) I manage to carve out time to indulge in my writing obsession, with varying degrees of success, although I write most often late at night instead of sleeping. And yes, all of my heroes are patterned after my husband of 21 years, who continues to prove that there really is a happily ever after.

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