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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rekindled Dreams Blog Tour - Review + $10 Amazon GC Giveaway: Rekindled Dreams by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Author: Linda Carroll-Bradd
Format: ARC ePub
Release Date: October 7, 2013
Pages: 211
Publisher: Entranced Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

When museum curator Vena Fenton returns to her small Montana hometown, she’s forced to live under the same roof as Finnian Quaid, the star of more than one teenage fantasy. Finnian is now an environmental lobbyist, making a bid for senate, and is as dreamy as ever.

Finnian needs a more settled image if he wants to get ahead in the polls. In order to do that, he needs a wife. With Vena living under his roof, his problem seems solved. As the romantic sparks fly, there's more at risk than Finnian's political aspirations. Can they keep their eye on the prize, or will their growing love derail them both?


     Rekindled Dreams is a sweet and fast read about a small town romance. We follow a woman named Vena (or Elfie) who is on vacation. Her break, however, is anything but relaxing. She returns to her hometown in Montana and end up staying in an inn where her old teenage crush happens to live. The years apart have not diminished her feelings a bit and his special proposition won't help keep her feelings in check either. 

     I do love the cover of this book. But when I saw it, I was expecting a bit of a steamy read. This is not a steamy book, but it is still quite the romance. The story is fast and will make you smile. There are just a lot of great little moments that I really liked. The pace is great for this kind of set up and I really liked the characters.

    Vena was an interesting lead. I liked her a lot. She had a great spirit that I really enjoyed. She was sassy and funny. She was a woman that knew what she wanted, well most of the time anyway. We meet her in a conference with her fiance/boss. It really didn't go over well, as you can imagine. I did have an issue with this, but I will get into that later. But when we see Vena back into her new town, she had a different energy to me. That may be due to her new hunk of a housemate, Finn (or Finnian). Vena had the biggest crush on Finn back in high school and coming back seeing the man he has become has made those feelings resurface tenfold. I can't blame her, Finn was mouthwatering. Why can't I just stumble on a sexy, shirtless Irishman at my front door? I think I deserve it, dammit! Nonetheless, Finn was amazing and had me smiling as well. I loved his straight forward attitude and how much he cared about Vena even though he had to keep things professional, so to speak. But the best thing about this book was seeing their relationship grow.

    The plot was simple enough actually. Finn has no problem with letting Vena stay in his inn, but she must agree to something for his help. She has to become his fiancee for for two weeks. That is simple enough, right? They have to keep it all a secret at first so he can show her off at a special event. He is an up and coming politician in their little town and single men don't do well. He needs to make an impression. No to mention being set up with every single woman sent to him due to his nosy neighbors and his mother aren't working. He is very career-orientated and so is Vena. It was great watching them work at what they were good at and working together. I really liked the connection between these two. I definitely felt the chemistry.

    Now for my issues, well issue. As I mentioned earlier, there was an issue with Vena and her fiance, Nick. We only get a few lines from the guy in the book and we see that Vena isn't happy with the guy (from the few lines, he seems like a bit of a turd). But that was it. There isn't a real consequence to this little scenario, so I just didn't see a point in having it there. It is mentioned and in a few chapters, it is no more. I would have pushed this a little further actually. But then again, it may change the tone of the book. It is a pretty light and sweet read and that may have darkened it a bit. Another little issue is I would have loved more backstory from the characters, specifically from Vena. We see that she had a deep connection with her grandparents and they basically made her into the woman she is now. I would have liked more on her past with her parents. It is still pretty clear that things were bad though. Her parents didn't seem to care much for her, just their expeditions really.

    But despite my couple of issues, this was an enjoyable read. It is definitely a change of pace from the things I am use to reading. I forget that things can be simply normal sometimes and this reminded me of that. That was weird, wasn't it? Nonetheless, this was a fun read. Vena will have you laughing a lot in this book. "Hijinks" must be her middle name. The scenarios she finds herself in are very funny and entertaining. Something else that will make you laugh are Finn's neighbors, Tootie and Ruth. These two are those gossipy next door neighbors that know and see everything. I loved these two so much. They were just too much. I recommend this read if you are looking for something fast, sweet and funny.


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About Linda Carroll-Bradd

As a young girl, Linda was often found lying on her bed reading about fascinating characters having exciting adventures in places far away and in other time periods. In later years, she read and then started writing romances and achieved her first publication--a confession story. Married with 4 adult children and 2 granddaughters, Linda now writes heartwarming contemporary and historical stories with a touch of humor from her home in the southern California mountains.

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