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Monday, October 28, 2013

Release Day Blitz - ARC Review + Giveaway: Realm Walker (Realm Walker #1) by Kathleen Collins

Author: Kathleen Collins
Series: Realm Walker
Number in Series: 1
Format: ARC PDF
Release Date: October 28, 2013
Pages: 295
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

An estranged mate, a mangled body and a powerful demon who calls her by name…

As a Realm Walker for the Agency, Juliana Norris tracks deadly paranormal quarry using her unique ability to see magical signatures. She excels at her job, but her friends worry about her mysterious habit of dying in the line of duty without staying dead. That’s only the first of her secrets.

Most people don’t know Juliana became the mate of master vampire Thomas Kendrick before he abandoned her seven years ago. Most people don’t know the horrors she endured at the hands of the vampire he left in command. Most people don’t know her true parentage, or why a demon on a world-threatening rampage has taken a personal interest in her…

Even as Juliana pursues the demon, it goes after all she holds dear—including Thomas, who is back to claim her for his own. But if she can’t reconcile her past and learn to trust herself again, she will lose him forever.


     Realm Walker is a story that follows a woman named Juliana. Juliana has a very interesting job. She is a tracker of sorts. The agency she works for sends her out to retrieve paranormal creatures who cause havoc. She is the best at her job. The job is extremely dangerous. It is so dangerous, that she has died a few times. But no one knows the why. Things get even more dangerous when it seems someone has brought demons into our world and they are killing and possessing people. Sadly, one of the people that are possessed is one of Juliana's closest friends. On top of that, the man she has been running away from for seven years has made an appearance. No one can know what he was to her and she can't be near him due to his possessive ways. She doesn't know what he has up his sleeve, but she knows she won't like it

     I really liked this book a lot. You know I love my Urban Fantasy reads and this was a good one. Our main character, Juliana, was quite the lead. I wasn't sure about her at first, but that quickly changed. She is tough and a bit standoffish, but we see how much she cares about those around her. She has a very small group of people that she lets into her world. I loved Jeremiah, her supervisor. He really cares and watches over Juliana. She is super stubborn and he worries her stubbornness will get her killed, permanently. He was like a father to her. I also loved Jeremiah's family. His wife, Anna, was great and their twin sons were quite the sexy duo. They were a riot. I loved them a lot.

     We also meet Thomas, the man Juliana has been avoiding for seven years. He seemed a bit controlling and cold. But after we get to see things from his side, we see that he really loves her. He wants to look out for her, he just doesn't know how to go about it. I would like to get to know and understand him a bit more in the next book, but I enjoyed him here. I don't blame Juliana for her feelings for him. Juliana is way too independent and he needs to respect that. He is a bit old school (well, a bit old period) and it shows when reading the book. But all the characters were very intriguing. We are introduced to quite a bit in this book.

    The book begins with a bang. The story was action packed and fast. I really enjoyed the pace of the book. Demons are appearing in our world and one has taken quite a shine to Juliana. She doesn't know how or why, but needs to figure it out before it is too late. The demons were very scary in this book. No one doesn't really know how to get rid of them. It was quite exhilarating trying to see how they would get rid of them. This book kept me at the edge of my seat.

    Overall, this was a great debut. I loved the world Collins gave us. It was interesting and original. One thing to take note of, this is definitely more Urban Fantasy than Paranormal Romance. i don't have a problem with it, but for some expecting it, the romance is very slight. I still enjoyed this book though. If you are a fan of Ilona Andrews, Laurell K. Hamilton, Keri Arthur or Chloe Neill (just to name a few of my personal favorites) this book is perfect for you. This was a great debut. I will be keeping a very close eye on Collins. Waiting impatitently for book 2.



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About Kathleen Collins

Kathleen Collins has been writing since Kindergarten. And while her ability has drastically improved, her stories are still about fantasy worlds and the people who play in them. 

When she’s not writing, she works as a clerk in the local prosecutor’s office. There, she sees all manner of things she doesn’t bother writing about because no one would believe any of it anyway. The rare instances that she actually finds some spare time, she spends it playing with her two boys. Three if you count her husband. 

She is currently hard at work on her next book.

Connect with Kathleen Collins:
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