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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Hunter's Passion Blog Tour - Book Review: A Hunter's Passion by Gwen Knight

Author: Gwen Knight
Format: ARC PDF
Pages: 92
Release Date: February 1, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin/Mills & Boon Nocturne Bites
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Ryker Bennett has dedicated his life to hunting down--and eliminating--creatures of the dark. But his latest assignment has him questioning everything he's ever believed in. Jenna Sinclair may be a witch, but she's also the only woman Ryker has ever loved

Jenna thought leaving Ryker two years ago would save him from having to choose between their forbidden love and his sworn duty. But when he tracks her down, it's clear the desire between them burns as hot as ever--and that they'll have to walk through the flames to be together....


     A Hunter's Passion is a quick and sexy read that follows a man named Ryker. Ryker is a Hunter. He comes from a family of Hunters. They go an hunt all the things that go bump in the night, Vampires, werewolves, witches, and others. Ever since the Salem Witch Trials, his family has follows the Church and their orders to eradicate evil. After nearly getting his throat ripped out by a vampire, Ryker receives news that is much worse than a bite. One of his brothers tells him the love of his life is a witch. His brother thinks it is best for Ryker to kill her before they do. Ryker's world is turned upside down, but not as much as Jenna's. The moment she sees Ryker, she knows what he has come to do. But she can't help that she still has feelings for him as well.

     I really liked this story a lot. It is a super short read. I really wish it were longer so I could get a grasp off all the characters. But this story's main focus is Jenna and Ryker. I really liked them a lot. Jenna is pretty much a hermit. She is shy and keeps to herself. But she has to given her abilities. Her emotions are connected with her power and she could hurt someone if she gets too out of control. Ryker is a super dedicated Hunter. All he has are his brothers who are all Hunters. They never deviate out of this no matter the who or the why. Ryker battles quite a bit with his feelings for Jenna and his life as a Hunter. He doesn't want to go against his family and the Church, but he has already lost Jenna and she isn't evil like he has been led to believe. 

    Not only do we see how Ryker has to make a choice between Jenna and his brothers, but Jenna has her own battles. She never knew there was magic in her family. Being a witch is new territory for her. She knows she is being hunted, but not by Ryker. A Hunter has brutally murdered her mom and grandmother who were both witches. She knows it is a matter of time before the Hunter finds her. I love where this bit goes. I would have never guessed and I am usually good at it. It was a great surprise. I would have liked a bit more of an explanation, but still, it was great.

     The book really shines when Ryker and Jenna are together, I loved seeing Jenna break out of her shelf. She seems like a bit of a vixen. I would have loved more of that. That really is the biggest issue with the book. This is a really short story and there are just little things I would have liked more of. The characters kind of lack a bit of personality most of the time. But like I said, when Ryker and Jenna are together, we get a lot of heat and we see how playful they are to each other. I hope this grows into a series and we get more on the characters, specifically the brothers. My interest is piqued especially with Mason. He seems like the leader and a bit of a brute. 

    Overall, this was a pretty good read. I love this idea of Hunters and the Church. The Hunters slowly finding out maybe the things they are hunting isn't as evil as the Church has led them to believe. I would love to see more of this world, hopefully in a 200+ page book. This book had action, lies, deceit and it was super sexy. I definitely say to check this out.



About Gwen Knight


Canadian girl Gwen Knight first began to delve into the realm of the paranormal at the age of ten, when she wrote her first horror starring a clawed monster that hid beneath her bed. Since then, her tastes have expanded into many genres. Though addicted to reading and writing, she managed to achieve a degree in archaeology, geography, and mapping. Currently, she lives in the Great White North with her husband, two collies, and black cat.

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