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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Beautiful Monster Blog Tour - Book Review + $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: Beautiful Monster (The Exchange #1) by Jeanne Bannon

Author: Jeanne Bannon
Series: The Exchange
Number in Series: 1
Pages: 76
Release Date: February 11, 2015

Publisher: Self-published
: Horror/Paranormal
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Synopsis from Goodreads
Lev Baronovsky, a soulless creature of the night, has a problem. Carly, the love of his life has just died in an accident and in three days will pass to the other side. Without a soul, he cannot cross over with her and the thought of spending eternity without his beloved is unbearable. Is seventy-two hours enough time to find a way?

With the help of his brother, Alexei, they must face the vilest creature of all, Boris, an ancient one with selfish motivations of his own.


     Beautiful Monster is a short story with a very unique story. This story isn't really a paranormal romance. There is a tiny hint of it, but that is it. The real relationship demonstrated in this story is between our main character Lev and his destructive brother, Alexei. Alexei isn't much for rules. He uses his powers as a vampire to his advantage, taking anything or anyone at will without a care. Alexei even turned Lev against his will. But Lev is lost because the woman he loves, Carly, is dying from a terrible accident. He doesn't want to turn her, but that doesn't matter since fate has other plans.

    As I said, this is quite an interesting take on vampire lore. I did enjoy it. Lev and Alexei are two sides of the same coin. Alexei is selfish and quite cold especially when it comes to his brother. He doesn't care that his brother is losing the love of his life. He is actually happy about it. Lev is sensitive and puts up with his brother, but he is selfish when it comes the love of his life, Carly. When something miraculous happens, however, Lev has to depend on his brother to help him before it is too late. The problem is who they have to go to.

   The villain in this story was just vile, but it did work. He definitely added another element to the story I wasn't expecting. Alexei is strong and comes off quite fearless throughout the book, but when Boris is mentioned, he is downright frightened. You do understand why when you get to the end, but it will mess with your mind. I had to reread it to be sure I read it right. Very creative take on vampire abilities. I loved it and I do hope we get to explore this world in more depth in the next book. So happy this is a part of a series because I needed more, a lot more.

    That being said, this is a novella. So I do still have plenty of questions. I won't be able to ask without spoiling, but you will see what I mean. I also had issues with our hero. I don't think he saw how much of a hypocrite he was being in parts of this book. I had a hard time rooting for him at times. His brother may be a monster in a literal sense, but the way he went about things to get what he wanted really wasn't all that better. I couldn't help myself, but when reading, I just kept thinking about the Salvatore brothers from The Vampire Diaries. One is the more sensitive one while the other is very corrupted. That also being said, I believe Lev is Alexei's saving grace which makes me want to scream. When you read this novella, you will see why my reaction is warranted. But this does add a more tragic feel to the book. I know this is called Beautiful Monster, so I guess I should have seen it coming, but this book ended up being darker than I was anticipating.

    Overall, Bannon has created quite an intriguing world of vampire I would love to visit again. I had a few issues here and there, but this is a good start to a promising series. The story is fast and has its share of gore (not graphic, but still). I look forward to what else Bannon has up her sleeve. Recommended if you want something short and very creative.



About Jeanne Bannon
Jeanne Bannon has worked in the publishing industry for over twenty years, first as a freelance journalist, then as an in-house editor for LexisNexis Canada. She currently works as a freelance editor and writer and is represented by Karen Thomas of the Serendipity Literary Agency.

Jeanne’s debut novel, Invisible, is a young adult paranormal romance, published by Solstice Publishing and has recently been optioned for film. Invisible is an Amazon bestseller both domestically and internationally and continues to receive wonderful reviews.

On October 3rd, 2014, Nowhere to Run, Jeanne’s latest novel, is set to be released by Etopia Press. Nowhere to Run tells the story of Lily Valier, a woman of substance and beauty, and her dilemma when she falls in love with a man whose mission it is to bring her down.

Currently, Jeanne is finishing up work on her third novel, Dark Angel, a paranormal thriller


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