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Andrews, Ilona

Andrews, Vivi

Arend, Vivian

Arthur, Keri

  Bale, D. A.
Running Into The Darkness (The Deepest Darkness #1)

Baranne, Juliet
The Sins of Mother Superior Two (The Histories of the Sisters of the Order of Chastity #1)

Bard, A. B.
The Killer Poet's Guide to Immortality

Barrett, Julia Rachel

Beaumont, Lorraine
Gargoyle (The Gathering #1)

Billitz. Phil
Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnosis Inductions

Black, Holly
White Cat (Curse Workers #1)

Blake, Laila
By the Light of the Moon (Lakeside #1) 

Blanco, N. Isabelle
Blood Flows Deep In The Empire (The Szolites #1)

Bradford, Charity
The Magic Wakes

Bradley, Eden
The Dark Garden

Brandon, Linze
Keeper of the Dragon Sword

Brienne, Denise
The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty - How To Talk Sexy And Dirty To Your Man

Briggs, Patricia
Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson #1)

Bruce, Terri
Hereafter (Afterlife #1)

Butcher, Jim

Caine, Rachel

Chapman, S. F.
The Ripple in Space-Time (The Free City #1)

Chappell, Ashley
Alice Will (Dreams of Chaos #1)

Charyn, Jerome
Back to Bataan

Cho, Ciye
Florence (Florence Waverly #1)
Luminaire (Florence Waverly #2)

Chong, Stephanie
Where Demons Fear to Tread (The Company of Angels #1)

Clark, Carlyle
The Black Song Inside

Colgan, Jennifer
Fresh Blood

Collins, Kathleen
Realm Walker (Realm Walker #1)

Collins, Suzanne
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1)

Condie, Ally
Matched (Matched #1)

Coonts, Deborah
Wanna Get Lucky? (Lucky O'Toole #1)

Corrigan, Elizabeth
Oracle in Philadelphia (Earthbound Angels #1) 

Crane, Carolyn
Mind Games (The Disillusionists Trilogy #1)

Cremer, Andrea
Nightshade (Nightshade #1)

Cross, Julie
Tempest (Tempest #1)

Cross, Kady
The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles #1)
 The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (Steampunk Chronicles #2)


Dane, Lauren
Dawn, Tessa
Frost, Jeaniene

Grace, Sable

Grant, Mira

  Gray, Lindsey

Greaton, Tim

Hamilton, Laurell K.

Hanover, M. L. N.
Harris, Charlaine 
Huston, Charlie


Ione, Larissa

Kagawa, Julie
The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1)
The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1)

Karpov, Dmytry
Kiss Me in Paris (Kiss Me #1)

  Karr, John A.
Ghostly Summons 

Karr, Julia
XVI (XVI #1)

Karsak, Melanie
The Harvesting (The Harvesting #1) 

Kate, Lauren
Fallen (Fallen #1)
Torment (Fallen #2)

Kaufman, Lory S.
The Lens and the Looker (The Verona Trilogy #3)
The Bronze and the Brimstone (The Verona Trilogy #2) 
The Loved and the Lost (The Verona Trilogy #3)

Kelli, Eris
Piper LeVine and a Gypsy's Truth (Piper LeVine #1)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Infinity (Chronicles of Nick #1)
Invincible (Chronicles of Nick #2)

Killough-Walden, Heather
Avenger's Angel (The Lost Angel #1)

Kinrade, Kimberly
Kiss Me in Paris (Kiss Me #1)
Seduced by Innocence (Seduced #1) 

Kirk, Ambrielle
Wolf's Haven (Caedmon Wolves #1) 

Kittredge, Caitlin
Koontz, Dean

Lafont, Evelyn
Lewis, J. F.
Livingston, Lesley

Littlefield, Sophie

 Malinenko, Ally
Lizzy Speare and The Cursed Tomb (Lizzy Speare #1)

Martin, Gail Z.

Moore, Christopher
Phoenix, Adrian

Piacente, Steve

Preston, L. M.
Purgatory Reign

Prosapio, Stephen
Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum

Rogers, Moira

Sadler, Robyn
Salvatore, R. A. 
Subject, Jessica E.
Beneath the Starry Sky 

Vincent, Rachel


Walker, Mike
Out for Blood

Walters, Judy Mollen
Child of Mine

Ward, J. R. 
Weatherly, L. A.

Wells, Jaye


York, Rebecca
Dark Magic

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