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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Review: The Karate Kid (2010)

Now as much as I despise 99% of remakes, this actually falls into the remaining 1% that is worth watching. As much as I adore the first one, I have seen it more times than I can count, this one is worth checking out more than once. It may not be as big of a classic as the first one, but hey, there is Jackie Chan so you can't pass that up (unless it is Rush Hour 3).
This film starts of with Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and his mother Sherry Parker (Taraji P. Henson) who are leaving Detroit to live in China. I believe his mother works for some car company and she got promoted. So as you can imagine, Dre is not to thrilled with moving leaving his friends and all and learning a new language.
So when they arrive in China, Dre makes two friends instantly and even more enemies. Yes, that means one of the new friends was a girl, Meiying. Her family is close to the bully's family, can't remember the name. Nonetheless, this starts an even bigger issue for Dre. So along with being in a foreign land he is constantly getting beat up and harassed by this group of kids.
So one day when the hot water was not working in Dre's apartment, his mom asks him to find the maintenance man to come and fix it. The maintenance man is Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). He is first introduced eating noodles with chopsticks, crushing a bug with a fly swatter and picking it up with the same chopsticks he was eating with and continues to eat with afterward....gross! It is about here that Mr. Han starts checking on the boy and sees the trouble his is in. One day after I believe while hanging out with Meiying , Dre is once again chased by the boys after Dre gets some revenge. While Dre gets punched and kicked a little bit, Mr. Han comes to the rescue and doesn't beat up the boys necessarily, but more does these great moves that have them beat up each other. It will really fun to see that.
After Dre is healed by Mr. Han they go to the karate school where the boys train. It is here where you find out where their aggression comes from. The boys' teacher is more of a dictator that teaches them violence and to show your enemy no mercy. This guy was a great villain really, I would have liked it if they gave him a little more. Anyway, Mr. Han makes a deal with him, if his group of boys don't bother Dre and try to fight him, he will train Dre so he can enter a Karate Tournament. If the bad kids win, Dre or Mr. Han have to fight them and if Dre and Mr. Han win, they leave them alone (I believe).
So the training seems to start off slow and daunting for Dre. Mr. Han does nothing but tell Dre to pick up his jacket of the floor, hang it, drop it and put it back on, over and over again. It was something his mom wanted him to do from the beginning. So he thought Mr. Han was teaching him to respect his mom and all, but there was more to it than he though. They go through a lot of training and they visit this sacred place where Dre becomes really inspired. Dre and Meiying are getting close, but things turn out bad for them due to her parents.
After not being allowed to see Meiying and learning Mr. Han's story (really sad, there were definitely tears in the audience). Their connection and concentration grows for this tournament. They are all ready for the tournament and the fights start. Problem is while on the tournament the group of boys and their dictator of a teacher try to play dirty up until the end.
I really enjoyed this movie, especially the ending. The final kick in the movie was so awesome I wanted to stand up and cheer. It was well acted with great characters. It is obvious Jaden Smith has the same fun and entertaining charm as his dad, Will Smith. This movie is worth your money.
Tell me what you guys thought of it or if you even want to see it.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WWE RAW (06-14-10)

      I saw this last night and man this was exciting. The WWE NXT Superstars came back and asked for contracts or else. Hart then did something I never thought and fired Wade Barrett! I am a huge fan of his and it stinks to see that. But Hart put his foot down and said if they did not leave, the police would escort them out of the building. 
      First match was a Fatal 4 Way for the U.S Title. It was between John Morrison, The Miz. R-Truth and Zack Ryder. I loved this match simply because Morrison and R-Truth make everything so exciting. Whether they are together or apart, they make great matches. I liked The Miz is this because he was very aggressive, obviously killing for that title. Then there is Ryder. Honestly I do not know how he got into this match. I can't remember any of thr matches he had been in. Maybe it is because his character annoys the hell out of me, but whatever. I do not think he was 100% ready for this. Nonetheless, The Miz steals a win after Morrison does his Starship Pain to R-Truth. So we now have a new U.S. Champion.
      There was a bit with one of the stars from Royal Pains, Mark Feuerstein, and the Bella Twins (Good Lord, will they give them actual work to do). Really funny bit with him, Big Show, Ted DiBiase and Virgil. Very nice.
      Second match was Evan Bourne and Chris Jericho. Really nice match considering how different their levels are. But I respect Jericho a lot for these matches. He is maybe the only Heavyweight, main event wrestler that goes up against the new blood. My younger brother was complaining that he is being brought down a bit, but I don't think thatvis the case here. Bourne more than held his own in this match. I am so glad he is finally getting the push he soooooo deserves. Bourne won by DQ after Jericho didn't get the pin and went crazy on Bourne. He ended it with the amazing Airbourne.
     Next segment was of John Cena talking about the NXT Superstars and the way they handled things last week. He said he won't press charges and called them out. They came out and so did the rest of the WWE Superstars. They all fought against the NXT Superstars and they went running  
out of the building. So far this is one of the best nights RAW has ever had since this PG rating. 
     Third match was a Divas Tag Team match. It was Eve Torres and Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox and Maryse.  Good match, short (as usual for Diva matches). Eve Torres and Gail Kim won when Alicia Fox accidently kicked Maryse in the face and got the Neckbreaker from Eve. Gail Kim didn't get tagged at all and I didn't like that. Gail Kim is a wonderful and ever since she came back from TNA, she has been put in the sidelines a bit. She use to be a Womens Champion for goodness sake. I can't say it enough, she needs to be treated better in the WWE.
     Fourth match was Big Show and Mark Feuerstein vs. Ted Dibiase and Virgil. Feuerstein was hilarious and I was not sure about Virgil. He did not seem to be up to par with the wrestling. He definitely got annihilated by the Big Show. Then Feuerstein did the Worm and it was hilarious. I thought he was going to do Scotty Too Hottie's Worm, that would have been fun too. Big Show and Feuerstein won and Virgil got dollar bills stuffed in his mouth by Dibiase when he lost the match.
     Fifth match was William Regal vs. Santino with Vladmir Koslov as the referee. I have no idea who came up with is one. Either way, Santino won and Regal was blaming Koslov since they have some bad blood. Then Hart came out and called all WWE Superstars to stand at the entrance so there won't be a repeat of last week. Which didn't make sense since the NXT stars usually come through the audience.  
     Final match of the night was a Tag Team match. It was John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus and Edge. Pretty good match. I love all four of these wrestlers but I really liked it when it was between Sheamus and Orton. They have a great aggressive energy that is nice to see when they are in the ring together. Edge as well but other two a bit more for me. Well no one won the match because the lights went out and the NXT Stars were backstage and wrecked havoc there and had Bret Hart. 
     They put Hart in the backseat of the limo and crashed him all over the place. Then they told him they wanted his answer by Sunday. Overall this was  such a great night, like I said, it was one of the best. 
      What did you guys think? 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood: Season 3 FINALLY!

     YES!!!! After a year of waiting,  my show comes back for season 3. As you can tell, I am insanely happy. 
      Now if you are like me and you have read all the books, prepare to be surprised again. I know who kidnaps Bill in the book, but it is going to be different on the show tonight apparently. A lot of people complain about Alan Ball doing this, buy I for one like that he does. It is nice keeping fans of the book like myself surprised. Ball I applaud you. 
     We also learn what Sookie is atvthe end of this season as well. Again, I know what she is and if you read the book, you actually don't find out until book 6. But book 3 was a favorite for me. I like that Franklin Mott is coming to play. He was a very interesting villain. He is played by James Frain who is no stranger to playing the bad guy. He is very good at it. 
     Also happy to see one of my favorite characters come into play, Alcide. When I heard about Joe Manganiello playing Alcide Herveaux, I wasn't too sure about him. But after seeing the clips, he is exactly how I imagined Alcide, well minus the green eyes. Why no green eyes? I want those green eyes. Wait a minute, that sounded a little stalkerish.  
     Now as much as I would stay here going over every character (believe me I would). But I have a whole season to do so. All I want to say is how happy I am to see season 3 starting (in 4 hours !) 
     What do you guys think how True Blood? Love it? Hate it? Let me know.    

WWE Smackdown (06-11-2010) 

      So busy with one post, I forgot to post this one. Friday Night Smackdown was pretty good. I would have liked it if the WWE NXT Superatars decided to make an appearance as well like they did on RAW. Hey, what is wrong with consistency? But nonetheless it was nice. 
      The beginning of the show was started off with Kane talking about getting vengeance for the Undertaker. Then Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger started with their bantering. I was not much for Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger. I mean, I do enjoy them both (in very different ways) and they are both entertaining. I just mean some of the dialogue between them was just strange. Maybe it is just me but it just needed a little pick me up. No problem though, it was still fun.  
     It definitely got better when CM Punk got out there. Say what you will about his being everyone's "savior" shnick, the guy is amazing on the mic. He cracks me up. I loved how he says he was still suffering from an assassination attempt. His ego is too hilarious. I liked the Big Show when he came out. Picking on Punk and all. He is probably the most likable guy when he is a face. He is a born comedian in his own right truly. But seriously, when the hell will we see Punk without the mask? I am dying to see Mysterio's handy work.  
      Is it good or bad that Kane is finally getting a spotlight after all these years through his own brother's injury? I don't know, but it is nice to see him back in the spotlight. He comes out and says everyone in the ring could be responsible for what happened to Undertaker too. 
     First match was Mysterio vs. Swagger. I thought it was a great match. Rey Mysterio wins but Kane comes out and takes both Swagger and Mysterio down. 
     Second match was Layla of LayCool and  vs. Tiffany. I can't stand LayCool. I believe Layla has talent, but Michelle McCool is stealing her thunder. I am still not 100% on McCool being the mean girl yet, but she is a lot better at it now than she was in the beginning. I think it is awful how Layla clearly wins the belt and now LayCool are co-Women's Champions. It is ridiculous. I love Tiffany. She is a wonderful diva who truly needs a big push. She does not get showcased as well in the WWE and she really should be. Nonetheless, Layla wins by distraction, no surprise there. 
    Third match was Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler. Vickie was there ringside of course. There is definitely going to be that same Vickie and Edge storyline here. Can't believe she is doing this again, but it is entertaining to watch. She is a great villain I must say. Christian wins the match, but ends up getting taken out by Hawkins and Archer. Happy those two are trying to make a name for themselves. 
    Now the part I really want to get to. Drew McIntyre and Teddy Long. This pisses me off so much I want to break something. I hate how Vince McMahon has McIntyre as the "Chosen One". He is making him the most hated wrestler ever!  
     Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Drew McIntyre fan. I love him. I mean I really love him, I want to bear his kids. Anyway, I try to pay attention to wrestling outside of the WWE and I have seen McIntyre when he wrestled in ICF and BCW. My God this man was born to wrestle. One of the best technical wrestlers I have seen. That and seeing a 6'6" tall man doing a dropkick is definitely a sight to see. But with him being on Smackdown, we don't see the guy we knew as Drew Galloway (real name by the way, I guess Galloway wasn't Scottish enough for McMahon). McIntyre has all these rivals with some of the most popular and most loved wrestlers in the WWE. Morrison, R-Truth, Hardy, these wrestlers have a lot of fans and I hate that these are the people McIntyre is put up against. McMahon makes him a 250 lbs. child that does nothing but bitch to his daddy when things don't go his way. It is so unfair. I am happy that we are finally seeing outside talent going for the titles though. Seriously Vince, don't call it World Wrestling Entertainment if the only people winning titles are American or Canadian and every once in a blue moon, a Mexican or a Brit . It is about damn time we are seeing this, but good Lord. Stop making McIntyre look like a pansy. 
     Anyway, McIntyre told Long that Hardy is banned from all WWE shows.   He also tells Long he has a match with him next week. If Long doesn't wrestle or loses all together against Drew, Long gets the boot. Then Kofi Kingston shows up and talks about McIntyre's whinning and beats him up. Another rival I can't believe I am seeing. Thanks so much Vince McMahon.
     Final match was Big Show vs. CM Punk. I enjoyed this as well. I loved that Show was trying so many times to remove that damn mask. Show wins by disqualification after SES comes in to save their "savior". Then Kane comes in, clears out the ring and Big Show receives a chokeslam.  
     Overall nice night. Again disappointed that Smackdown didn't get the storyline with the NXT wrestlers. I don't think it is right to reserve that exclusively for RAW, but what can you do?                    

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Movie Review: Splice (2009)

      I watched this film last weekend and I have to say, it was good. No, I take that back, it was awesome. I can't say I was surprised of how great this movie was. With Sarah Polley (My Life Without Me, a favorite) and Adrien Brody (The Pianist, another favorite), this movie was worthwhile.    
     Brody and Polley play a couple (Clive and Elsa) who are scientists. The movie starts off with one of their creations being brought to life. Not too sure if life is the right word for whatever that was, but still. It looked like an over-sized tongue or maybe a brain, yeah definitely a brain. They wanted to reproduce these things for growth of livestock I believe.
      Well come to find out their operation was going to get shut down so they decided to take matters into their own hands and create something different. This is where morals and the law really take a skydive.
      They create this creature who is part human and part animal. This girl who they named Dren (Nerd backwards, which was also the acronym of their company). She starts of as a little girl and grows to a toddler in a matter of days. Since she grows at a rapid rate, they thought she will die soon, so why kill her?
      Dren soon gets attached to both of Elsa and Clive. Elsa takes on a very motherly role towards Dren. Clive is very resilient at first (take that back, he did try to kill her) but soon gets attached to Dren (in more ways than one).
      I must say, the trailer is a bit misleading. The trailer demonstrates this as a Sci-fi/Horror type deal, but the film did not feel like that really. Yes it is Sci-Fi, but it is what they have done that is truly horrific. Dren does come off scary, but she was not necessarily a killer (well minus the whole tail thing). She grows up and she wants to have a life. But of course they would not let her since she wasn't suppose to be.
      Awkwardly enough, something strange happens to their original project (the gross looking brains). But they never noticed since they were so distracted with Dren. This is where Karma decides to peek in and raise some hell for everyone. So really, it is the last 15-20 minutes of the film where Horror comes into play.       
    This was a very intriguing movie. Not one second felt boring or drawn out. Adrien Brody is so captivating in this as he is in every movie he is in. I don't know what it is, but no matter if any of his movies are good or bad, he is always the person you focus on the most on. You especially feel bad for him in the movie since he was basically more whipped than a horse.
     Sarah Polley was amazing as well. But her character was a little annoying. She was the ultimate control freak and did everything and anything to get her way. You get the tiniest glimpse of how her childhood was like and you can't really blame her. But she truly needed to back off a bit.
     Overall, this movie called to my Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror induced heart and did not let go. It was just right amount of everything to me. Nothing wasn't overdone or underdone as far as I was concerned. I highly recommend watching this film if Sci-Fi is your genre or you just want to check out a great movie. Also let's not forget this movie is presented by Guillermo Del Toro. He is definitely no stranger to great Sci-fi/Fantasy movies. This is money well spent (and we know how rare that can be).

What are your opinions? Loved it? Hated it? Tell me what you thought?

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yahoo's list of Summer TV Guilty Pleasures

     I am a little fumed over this list. There are on this list that I can't believe are on here. So I feel like venting a bit.

     First, Royal Pains. I really enjoy this show. It is light and actually funny. I enjoy the hell out of the characters. They have amazing chemistry here and yes, they are gorgeous. But it is only fitting for a Summer show placed in the Hamptons. But still, the only guilt about watching this show is the guilt of wanting to fit in with rich people.

     Second issue and most important one, True Blood. What the hell? This show is perfect. Blood, gore and sex. Come on. It really can't get better than that for a Horror fan such as myself. This show is full of comedy, drama, romance, insane family issues and plenty more. It may not follow the books page for page, but I like it that way. It keeps me surprised, since I read them and I know what is going to happen, book wise. This show is fantastic, if you are 18 years old or older. The only guilt here is if you are a parent who let's your kid watch it. Leave than with Twilight (which I will vent about soon enough on a later date).

     Third issue, the rest of the list. The rest of these I have never heard of or even cared for. Drop Dead Diva is a show my sister loves. It seems cute and I can relate to it, but it isn't anything I haven't seen already. Pretty Little Liars does not interest me. It reminds me of an even more watered down version of Sorority Row. Pretty high school girls who come off slutty (one trailer was of a girl who seems like she had a Summer fling with her grown teacher, go figure). Sex, lies and secrets, the only thing it seems adults like to make for teenagers. And yes, I am uncomfortably laughing at the strange and somewhat creepy irony.

     The reality shows are the biggest practical joke in America. The only one I don't have an issue with is So You Think You Can Dance. It is a favorite for me because the competitors are actually talented (unlike the ridiculous monstrosity of Dancing with The Stars). I only watched the first Big Brother and that was it for me. Jersey Shore alone is what is wrong with America. Then the fact that I can't remember the last time I truly enjoyed anything on MTV. I even watched the first 15 minutes of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Very entertaining until it got to the actual nominations. Again, it was all about Twilight (AHHHH!!!) To quote the great Joey Ramone: "MTV destroyed music". Apparently they are out to ruin movies as well.

So again, having Royal Pains and my beloved True Blood is ridiculous to me. Are there any shows you believe should be added or taken away? Let me know.

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First Post, YAY!

   Well as the subject matter states, this is my first post, so it is best I introduce myself. I am a 22 year old student and I am basically going to  blog about anything.

   This blog will be about books, movies, music, wrestling, or anything else that I am interested in or passionate about it. Even anything I might hate, you will know.

    I will be more than happy to hear from anyone. I respond to everything. Any suggestions or comments (good or bad) are more than welcome. I will do my very best to post as often as I can.