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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fox Cancels "Lone Star"!!!!

    "An oil man lives a double life". That is the plot line they had for this on IMDB. Well title says all, but that little plot line is ridiculous. This show has been canceled and quite frankly I think it is BULLSHIT! I watched the pilot last week and thought it was quite incredible. My first thought was, "Emmy-worthy", no joke. So it is just stupid to see something worth watching get canceled. It had a little over 4 million viewers first week and a little over 3 million this week. What did they expect? It is a brand new show and unfortunately on the same night with the moronic monstrosity of Dancing with the Stars (can't you tell I hate it?!)
   But that is my point, it was at an odd time as far as I was concerned. I think this would have been more fitting on a Friday night instead of a Monday night. Fox has done it again. Think about it, Firefly had about the same amount of viewers for its one and only season, but it is still one of the most loved shows ever. I just think it is strange that this show gets canceled so quickly, when, in my opinion, that many viewers is good for a new show.
  Then go to shows like Smallville and Supernatural both had about 3 million viewers each on average and that was considered high ratings and these shows are seasoned veterans (well Smallville obviously). So why is a new show so quickly ostracized  after episode numero dos, but a show that is now in its tenth season has the same amount of viewers and that is okay? Doesn't make sense to me. I do want to point out that Smallville and Supernatural are a couple of my favorite shows to watch, I am not complaining by any means.
  Also this article from the Hollywood Reporter . Apparently creator Killen is just as shocked as I am. I think asking a petition is a good idea, but it seems this was not fought for enough and it needs to be. I did like the thinking though. He says he thought it was great Fox gave him the same spot as the former spot for 24. But this show is not necessarily action packed and full of government conspiracies. That doesn't mean it wasn't worth watching. I like shows the are coming of age (even though he was of age, if that makes sense to anyone).
  So it is obvious I don't agree with another one of Fox's ridiculous decisions. They always have a tendency to cancel things I would pay money to see if it wasn't for free. Oh by the way, since I have always wanted to say this, Joss Whedon, do not put anymore shows on Fox, please! It is obvious you are waaaaaayyyyy too cool for them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Easy A (2010)

After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne's in "The Scarlet Letter," which she is currently studying in school - until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. Courtesy of IMDB

    I watched this like two days ago and fell in love. It is so nice that there is someone out there that can make a film about teenagers that is actually smart and funny. But I want to be clear. This is not a teenage film, this is a film for anyone that has been in high school. Seriously, I saw 80 & 90 year old men and women walking out this theater with smiles on their faces. No blandness, no uncomfortable laughter (unless you are a prude, in which case, why watch a film about a girl faking to lose her virginity to get attention?)
    Well this film follows a teenager named Olive (Emma Stone) who was pretty much under the radar. She starts off with the tiniest of lies. She lies to her best friend Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) about her having a date for the weekend (Olive lied because she did not want to hang out with Rhiannon freaky, hippie, and naked family for the weekend). But Olive tells her that she had a very hot night with some guy named George that goes to a community college. Rhiannon was actually really smart and knew she was lying but than Olive convinced her otherwise.
     She tells her this lie in a bathroom where Marianne (Amanda Bynes), the leader of the Jesus Squad overhears. After the lie, her best friend tells the entire school and she is known as the bimbo of the school. After calling another chick from the Jesus Squad a "twat" (after she called her a "skank") in the middle of class, she get detention. In detention she meets up with an old friend Brandon (Dan Byrd) who is gay. He knows that Olive did not do what everyone said she did, but they devise a plan to make sure the reputations they desire get accomplish. She likes the attention of being the school slut and he wants to look straight until high school is over. So they go to a big party and have an even bigger (yet fake) time where they have "sex"  for the world to hear. By world, of course, I mean high school which is indeed a different planet of its own.
     So after her gained popularity, she starts getting offers from guys to have "sex" with them. Things start great, I suppose, but than her gained popularity backfires when she gets help from a guidance counselor, Mrs. Griffith (Lisa Kudrow) who is the wife of Olive's favorite teacher, Mr. Griffith (Thomas Haden Church, one of the best characters in the movie). Then things take a very unpredictable dive for everyone involved.
     I will stop there because the dive was so unbelievably unexpected, everyone gasped when it happened because it really made the movie serious actually. But it added another element because this movie is surprisingly sad in some parts as well. But you will laugh your ass off, guaranteed. The dialogue was witty, modern and funny. The cast, I believe, was the best thing about this film. Olive's parents, Rosemary and Dill (played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci), were the greatest parents ever! Hilarious, nonjudgmental, and understood the new generation. Malcolm McDowell was the school principal, Principal Gibbons, who had one scene in the movie, but it was very memorable.
    Like I said, this film is smart and very enjoyable no matter if you are 15 or 100 (God bless you). You will like the John Hughes-esque feel to the movie. I said this film would have made him proud (Rest In Peace). It truly understood teenagers. It is not really like the bullshit you see in tv and movies. You know where everyone sleeps with everyone out of revenge over the dumbest of things (like cheating boyfriends and no, I don't think they get the irony in that). Then there are the ones about losing your virginity before you graduate (though I will excuse Superbad from that list because it was just too damn funny) or at prom. This was not a stupid venture to sex, this was a venture to get attention through attention (it makes sense to me). There was even a little tribute of John Hughes films in the movie which was very appropriate added a nice balance. Also I think it was to give the younger generation a taste of the genius that was John Hughes. Seriously, if you don't know him, head to your nearest Blockbuster (um...wait a minute), head over to any place that sells videos and look for Sixteen Candles. I think that is a great film to start with.
    So man and woman, young and old, black and green polka dots, watch this film! You won't regret it.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Box Office Prediction

    The Town, Easy A, Devil, and Alpha and Omega are the films opening this weekend. Now look at these, remember the trailers and it is pretty easy to know which one won't skim the Top 5 this weekend. Easy A, duh! Just kidding. Easy A is definitely my top choice for this weekend. I am a huge Emma Stone fan. Out of all the pointless actress that do nothing and make sex tapes and get paid for "reality tv", it is nice to see an actress my age who has it together. She is gorgeous, she is funny, and she has a nice tough girl next door. Stone is just like any girl except she makes tons of money (and is actually worth the money). This is my number one.
   The Town is definitely my number two choice. I believe this is from the same guy who directed Gone Baby Gone. Yes, that is right, directed by Ben Affleck himself. I have said this a million times and I will say it a million and one times, Ben Affleck is a better director than he is an actor. I am not dogging his acting skills mind you (well Gigli goes without saying), but after seeing Gone Baby Gone, I just couldn't believe. This film really does look Oscar worthy, yet again. With Jeremy Renner (Hell Yes!) and Jon Hamm (my imaginable husband), this movie looks to be very promising. Critics seem to agree as well, as you read this, this film is at 93% on I would say awesomeness is a total given.
  Devil. Well what can I say. Now if you are like me and you have been wondering if M. Night Shyamalan has been hit in the head over the past couple years, you are probably hesitant to watch this. I wanted to see this before I saw his name attached to it, so that has to count for something right? How can this man go from the greatness of The Sixth Sense to likes of Lady in the Water is, in my honest opinion, one of the biggest mysterious in the world. We know Shyamalan has talent, but it is as though it has gone on vacation to an unknown island after The Village (I did not hate this movie as much as others, but it was definitely not on the same level as his films prior to this). M. Night Shyamalan, I don't care what it takes, go on search and rescue and find your talent because you have been on thin ice for a while now and one more flop, your career will be very cold. Liked what I did there? I know you did. Anyway, I believe this has the potential on being in the Top 5 this weekend, but it all depends on how people still react to his movies.
  Last but not least, Alpha and Omega. Not too sure what to make of this. Nothing about jumps out at me. Don't say it is because I am an adult because like I said, I will be watching Pixar films when I am 100 years young. This movie is full of some very well liked actors and actresses, but I don't know if there is something here that is for the family. It seems just strictly for children. This sort of reminds me of Battle for Terra. Anyone, anyone? Exactly. I just had to look for the name on IMDB because I couldn't remember the name. This movie is full of memorable people who are making a forgettable film. I honestly forgot this came out today. I don't maybe the kids' parents would chuck out of a few bucks to send their kids to see this and it will make money. But again, it seems like a 3D film that is just...there. Top 10 at least.
  What do you guys think? Any film here that you think is a clear box office winner this weekend?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movie Review: The Last Exorcism (2010)

    I watched this last week and I am still trying to figure out exactly how I feel about it. This is one of those films that you will either really love or really hate, no in between is possible with this. I am actually for the former. The moment this was over, I definitely felt the frustration coming off the audience, but I don't think an ending should ruin an entire film (with the exception of The Mist, if you have seen it you are probably still pissed about it, if not, stick with the book. Unless you are just skimming this, reading is most likely not your first option, so you are screwed either way)
     The characters I thought were amazing. The lead, Cotton Marcus (played by Patrick Fabian), was a priest and yet not a priest. He is quite the fraud who doesn't believe in his practices especially in demons. But he knows how to make money off the "gullible". His own wife says he is more of a performer than an actually preacher. You can actually see that when we are shown snips of his services. There is one part in the beginning on how he talks about putting together some kind of dessert and you will see how people will "eat it up" (so to speak) and not realize the bullshit that is coming out of his mouth. Sadly enough, they did. So one day he gets a call to perform an exorcism on a teenage girl. The father, Louis Sweetzer (Louis Herthum) is scared beyond reason and her brother, Caleb (Caleb Landry Jones, what the hell is with these names), thinks the priest is a fraud (kid definitely is the fastest bullshit reader in history, give this kid an award). The girl, Nell (Ashley Bell ), was so innocent and you can tell she has not been out of her family's site. Bell did such an amazing job capturing both sides. I thought she was very compelling.
     Nonetheless, I thought this was a great movie. Even though you can't really say much for the ending because in my opinion, there was none. This movie is inconclusive. A film with no ending is a challenge to figure out whether you hate it or not. I was very much into the story, a few minutes before the film ended, I wanted to scream "Holy Shit". Then again, I should have expected this since Eli Roth's name is involved. I am a fan of his (with the exception of Hostel 2, uh hell no) and his movies usually are like this. Could they have at least made it more like Cabin Fever, at least that had an ending.
    This movie kept me wanting more, literally, and that is something compared to most horror films that come out nowadays. All the characters had a lot of depth that you don't usually see in a lot of horror flicks as well. I know it seems I am dogging horror films and guess what? I am. It is just a lot of them are sort of cut and pasted from the some sort of recycled train wreck. This one, I thought, was different and intriguing. It didn't follow the usual format and it wasn't chalk full of those big shock moments that most horror movies have. Hey, they don't scare people, it just annoys them! When directors figure that out, horror films will be in a better place.
    Overall, at least watch this movie once to get a feel for it. I can't guarantee you will love it like myself, but you will appreciate what you are watching. But then again, you aren't me, so I warn you, beware if you want a cookie cutter film. This is not the movie for you.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Charlie Huston - Already Dead (Joe Pitt 1)

     Just want to say, Joe Pitt is one of the coolest vampires ever. This is a great book and I can't wait to start the next book in the series. Yet the most compelling thing about this book is the lead charcter.
    Again this is another book I have read recently that is totally original. Not only original but while reading this, I can tell this would make one hell of a movie. I want it to be a movie. The vampire movie world needs something new beside glittering, pussy-whipped vampires (with the exception of Daybreakers). That is why I love Joe Pitt. Charlie Huston has given us the hard ass, rough, New Yorker born and bread detective with a twist.
    This book is full of zombies. Well, they aren't called zombies, they called shamblers. A shambler is loose and it is spreading its flesh eating bacteria around the city and it is Pitt's job to find it. But things get even more difficult for Pitt when it is found that a shambler might have gotten to a high society's daughter who has gone missing.
     Another problem is that someone stole Pitt's stash of blood. Vampyres have different turfs. Pitt thinks someone from a different turf or the top of Vampyre society, the Coalition, has stolen his stash. This means Pitt has to be quick and try not to attract any attention while getting his next stash blood.
     Pitt is fighting bloodlust, fighting the Coalition, fighting the shamblers, fighting other Vampyres. Also he is fighting (and not fighting) his girlfriend who thinks he cheated on her. So Pitt has a lot on his plate and he is trying to keep his head above the water everyone would love to see him drown in.
     One thing I love about this book is that it is very different compared to most vampire books. For instance, instead of giving you some sexed up, ridiculously sexy male lead (though I do believe Pitt is sexy, in a hard ass sort of way), we have someone who seems quite normal. Well normal is not the right word, regular. Pitt has a job, a difficult one, only due to the people he works with and is surrounded by.  He has a girlfriend who has HIV, so they don't have sex. Not that he can get it (because he can't, but he himself has issues as well due to his vampirism. But he says that due to him being a vampire, he could cure his girlfriend of her virus, yet he is afraid to let her know what he is.
     Also in this book, it is not explained as down right vampirism, Pitt describes it as a virus. This virus needs to be fed blood or else things go wrong. That is something else I love. This books feels like it is apart of the real world. There is nothing too paranormal about it. Though I believe with Huston's style, it would have been fine either way.
     This was another great find. I just stumbled on it through the Stanza app on my iPod Touch. It was a great read. I couldn't put it down and that is the ultimate compliment for any book. This book is quite dark and a little creepy. But you are more creeped out by the actual people in the book, not the shamblers or the vampires per se.