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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Red Adept Publishing Presents - Indie Book Review and $30 GC/Swag Giveaway: Artificial Absolutes by Mary Fan

Author: Mary Fan
Format: ePub
Release Date: February 21, 2013
Pages: 377
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Genre: New Adult/Science Fiction/Mystery

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Jane Colt is just another recent college grad working as an Interstellar Confederation office drone—until the day she witnesses her best friend, Adam, kidnapped by a mysterious criminal. An extensive cover-up thwarts her efforts to report the crime, shaking her trust in the authorities. Only her older brother, Devin, believes her account.

Devin hopes to leave behind his violent past and find peace in a marriage to the woman he loves. That hope shatters when he discovers a shocking secret that causes him to be framed for murder.

With little more than a cocky attitude, Jane leaves everything she knows to flee with Devin, racing through the most lawless corners of the galaxy as she searches for Adam and proof of her brother’s innocence. Her journey uncovers truths about both of them, leading her to wonder just how much she doesn’t know about the people she loves.


      Artificial Absolutes follows a guy named Devin. He is in love with his rising star of a girlfriend Sarah. He is about to ask her to marry him even though they have been together for only 6 months. He is nervous and freaking out naturally. But he gets a red flag when he actually proposes to her. She doesn't seem like herself and he feels that something is terribly wrong. Devin's sister, Jane, is also going through some trouble. After having a lunch date with her best friend/boyfriend, she stumbles on a scene that leaves her speechless. She finds him being kidnapped by the robots that are suppose to help them. She is then being chased by them. She goes to the police for help and finds that everyone thinks she is crazy. All the evidence that could easily prove her case has been magically erased. Jane and Devin soon realize that something huge is going on and are on the run after being framed for an awful crime. They are in a fight for their lives and trying to find out who is behind the massive cover up.

      Now this is one hell of a sci-fi ride. I loved this read. Our main characters were great. Devin and Jane were a great team. I love their backstory. Devin has a pretty dark past and some of which Jane doesn't know. If she did, she probably wouldn't talk to him again. I love how much they stick up for each other. I loved their connection in this story.

      The story is fast paced and full of action. It gets right into it pretty early. I love the idea of the Artificial Intelligence and cybergangs. Someone, named No One, who has the ability to mess with technology and make people believe whatever they want them to believe. It was quite creepy, but a lot of fun to watch. I love Fan's take on the Artificial Intelligence as well, it is quite different from what we are use to. Fan really has created quite a memorable world here. I love her take on the future. It is scary thinking that years from now Earth would be a myth and people wouldn't believe that is where humans originated. That is the most depressing thought ever. But it really make you wonder.

      This is a book that can be easily spoiled, so I will stop here. Fan really delved into the idea of consciousness. I love the philosophies brought up in this book. I love the characters and the dialogues between them. The mystery in this story was incredible and really kept me at the edge of my seat. This is a wonderful New Adult read. If you love science fiction, I recommend this read to you. It really goes beyond the some other sci-fi reads.


*This book belongs to the following challenges*
BCC's 100 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2013!

About Mary Fan:

Mary Fan lives in New Jersey, where she is currently working in financial marketing. She has also resided in North Carolina, Hong Kong, and Beijing, China. She has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and especially enjoys the infinite possibilities and out-of-this-world experiences of science fiction and fantasy.

Mary has a B.A. in Music, specializing in composition, from Princeton University and enjoys writing songs as much as writing stories. She also enjoys kickboxing, opera singing, and exploring new things—she’ll try almost anything once.

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