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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Iron Locket Blog Tour - Review + Giveaway: The Iron Locket (The Risen King #1) by Samantha Warren

Author: Samantha Warren
Series: The Risen King
Number in Series: 1
Format: ePub
Release Date: April 11, 2013
Pages: 183
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Fantasy/Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads 
She was raised to hunt faeries. He was raised from the dead.


Aiofe Callaghan comes from a long line of faery hunters. Hired by one of the faery queens, they protect the human world from chaos and destruction. But when Aiofe stumbles through an open door into the land of Faery, she discovers the job isn't as simple as it seems, nor is she.

Arthur Pendragon spent centuries in blissful nothingness, until the day the four queens banded together to raise him from the dead. Along with his twelve most talented knights, he leads the warring armies of Faery against the greatest enemy they have ever known: one of their own.

Can they overcome their differences to confront the greatest challenges either of them have ever faced?

      The Iron Locket is a story that follows the legend of King Arthur. Well, a new legend of King Arthur. King Arthur has been brought back to life. Him and twelve of his best knights are alive in 2012. The Four Queens of Faery need the warriors to fight along with them before Faery is destroyed by their vicious and powerful predecessor, Leanansidhe. Along with the warriors, one of the queens also bring along a half-human/half-faery named Aiofe to help in the war. She is a faery hunter and she is tough. But along the way she makes some pretty big discoveries about her new job and about herself.

      I love stories on the Fae and this one packed quite a punch. Warren has one hell of an imagination. I love the idea of bringing King Arthur to the 21st century. Warren did a great job bringing a little bit of the legend back from the get go. When King Arthur wakes up, I love that he wanted to go and kill Lancelot after what he did. They may have been dead, but it is hard to forget that your best friend stabbed you in the back. I love that she kept these stories and mixed it so well with the mythology of the Fae. Quite genius.

      I loved our characters. Aiofe and King Arthur were amazing. Aiofe is a great lead. She was tough as nails. I can definitely see why the queens want her. King Arthur was amazing. He was as incredible as I always imagined him to be. And hot, can't forget freaking hot. I love the romance that was brewing between them. They had amazing chemistry. The villains in the story are very intriguing as well. From the get-go we see that Leanansidhe is insanely evil. All she wants is power and is willing to do absolutely anything to get it. She was nuts and very unpredictable. You just don't know what she will do next.

      I really enjoyed this read. The story was complex and had various plots that mixed well together in the end. This is my first read from Warren, but it definitely won't be my last. This book was epic and full of amazing action scenes. I love the battle scenes. This book was a lot of fun and intense. I want book 2 right now. Highly recommended. 


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About Samantha Warren
Samantha Warren is a fantasy and science fiction author who spends her days immersed in dragons, spaceships, and vampires.

In the name of research, she enlisted the help of her pet dragon Anethesis and together they built a Noah’s Ark-like spaceship. Three trips through a hole in the time-space continuum allowed the pair to explore the universe decades into the past and eons into the future. They discovered how life would be without Earth and were forced to run from alien law enforcement when their spaceship was deemed unspaceworthy. In the long run, the constant demands of space travel and repairs cut into Samantha’s sock fetish fund, so she was forced to sell her ark for half-price to a slimy creature that made Jabba the Hutt look like Brad Pitt.

After her years of traveling, she returned to her roots. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is milking cows or trying to feed them Pop-Tarts and FiberOne bars (they like neither). She also spends a lot of time in her weed patch (aka: garden), drinking lattes at the Village Cafe, or watching any show featuring Gordon Ramsay. Anethesis remains by her side, sleeping away the day and hunting evil cat-eating coyotes by night.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! And thank you so much for taking the time to read The Iron Locket. :)

    1. You are so welcome and thank you for having me on board. I loved this. Can't wait for more :)


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