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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book Review: Curse of the Chupacabra (The Chupacabra #2) by Michael Hebler

Author: Michael Hebler
Series: The Chupacabra
Number in Series: 2
Format: ARC ePub
Release Date: September 10, 2013
Pages: 183
Publisher: Night After Night Publications
Genre: Horror/Western/Historical Fiction/Mystery/Thriller

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Synopsis from Goodreads

They never thought their luck would be their curse. In the months following the onslaught, the extraordinary survivors continue to know no peace, as they are haunted by signs that the relentless creature remains on their trail. However, this fight will be better matched, now that they’ve discovered an advantage that will help protect them from the monster’s bloodthirsty lust. But once faced with the decision to kill the beast, the choice will not come lightly since it is still unclear which loved one the chupacabra possesses.


     Curse of the Chupacabra is the sequel to Hebler's Night of the Chupacabra. This book takes place after the first book and now we are following Jessie and Suzanne. They are on the run and are trying to start a new life. They think they can beat the chupacabra, but the nightmares are telling them otherwise. They know something is coming. Suzanne has left behind her life as a prostitute and a thief and wants Jessie to stop her thieving as well. But the transition is much harder for Jessie. Suzanne plans to leave her to a better family, but Jessie just feels like she being abandoned. On top of them trying to start a new, Jessie knows the beast is still after them. She has a feeling that it has taken over her father and her father wants her back.   

    Hebler has done it again. I was so excited for the sequel and boy, did it deliver. I love that we follow Suzanne and Jessie this time around. Jessie is a twelve-year-old smartass and I loved her. She knows how to pull one over on people. If she doesn't want to do anything, she won't or she will find a way not to. There is a thief on the train they are traveling on no one would suspect the cute little girl with the pigtails and she knows it. Jessie, however, doesn't think that Suzanne has changed. She thinks that Suzanne acting like a proper lady is all a ruse. 

     I loved the relationship between Suzanne and Jessie. They were more alike then they would care to admit. They may seem like sisters due to their ages (Jessie is only 12 and Suzanne is 21), but they were like mother and daughter. They fought so hard not to see it though. Jessie feels as though everyone will abandoned her and Suzanne will be no different. Suzanne was nothing but a prostitute and a thief. She knows that is not good mother material. She knows Jessie deserves better.

    This book kept me on the edge of my seat from page one. Jessie and Suzanne find a lot of trouble on their journey, both from the chupacabra and people in general. They find that they can't trust anyone, not even each other at times. Suzanne is planning to leave Jessie with a new family and Jessie will not take that sitting down. Jessie is a very smart little girl and leaves a trail of breadcrumbs so Suzanne can find her. But things take a turn and the ladies find each other and start traveling with an eccentric group of actors. This was quite an interesting group. I really enjoyed James and Dale. Evelyn was the freaking devil. From the get go, I knew she would be a problem and she definitely was. But Suzanne isn't worried about her, she is worried about Jessie health and how the chupacabra always shows up when Jessie is in some kind of trouble. Suzanne doesn't want to believe that what Jessie said was true. But could it be possible the chupacabra is Jessie's father?

    I loved the action in the book. The last few chapters were intense and terrifying. This book was such a blast. Hebler does such a great job making you smile one second and scaring the living crap out of you the next. I love the mix of Horror, Suspense, and Western. Hebler does such a great job with combining them. He knows how to create a very captivating story full of even more captivating characters. I love where the series is going. The ending took me by surprise. I loved it even though it was sad. I highly recommend you read this and make sure you read Night of the Chupacabra first. You will not be sorry. 


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BCC's 100 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2013!

About Michael Hebler

Michael recently became an author alongside building a career in feature film publicity, but his passion to create stories with suspense, laughter, and heart is not his only love. Hebler also volunteers his time weekly for charities in his local area including Meals on Wheels, and abets for animal rights by aiding in the CSNR (capture/spay/neuter/release) program.

As of this post, Hebler's publications include, “Night of the Chupacabra,” (Chupacabra Series #1), and his first publication, “The Night After Christmas,” a holiday picture book for believers of any age. Hebler also authored the micro story, “Hunt for the Chupacabra,” which precedes the events of book one.

Lastly, when Hebler is able to find the time, he enjoys rambling on his blog “My Little Obsessions.”

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