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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Synthetic Illusions Blog Tour - Book Review + Giveaway: Synthetic Illusions (Jane Colt #2) by Mary Fan

Author: Mary Fan
Series: Jane Colt
Number in Series: 2
Format: ARC MOBI
Release Date: December 31, 2013
Pages: 331
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Genre: New Adult/Romance/Science Fiction/Thriller

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Illusion is the only reality.

Jane’s new career as a composer is a dream come true, but her blossoming relationship with Adam is marred by his terrifying nightmares. When Jane receives a warning that a shadowy agency is targeting Adam’s seminary school, she rescues him in the nick of time, but the only way she can protect him from such a powerful enemy is to run.

In a shocking betrayal, her brother wasn’t the one who warned her about the attack on Adam. Instead, Devin was leading it. As Jane struggles to keep one step ahead of Devin, Adam’s exhaustion gives way to horror: His nightmares have begun to touch the real world.

Jane can’t abandon Adam to a fate worse than death, and far more than Adam’s life hangs in the balance. As Jane pushes further into the dark unknown, she must challenge everything she once believed in, and she faces the most wrenching decision of her life: choosing between the two people she loves most.


     Synthetic Illusions is the sequel to Artificial Absolutes, a book I really enjoyed last year. We are still following Jane, Adam, and her brother, Devin. Although it seems they are a bit apart at the moment. Devin is working for the ISARK again. The ISARK are not too kind when it comes to the synthetic A.I.s walking around. In fact, they are taking things to a whole different level and this puts Devin and Jane at odds. Jane is is love with Adam, a synthetic A.I., but that doesn't matter to Devin. A horrible attack has taken place and it seems that Adam was the one responsible. Now Jane and Adam are on the run again until they figure out what is really going on before her brother turns them in or worse.

   Fan has managed to turn it up even more the second time. I loved this a lot. There is even more action in this book. If I could, I would pay to get this turned into a movie. It would look cool as hell. I loved Jane in this book. She has really grown from book 1. She is finally fulfilling her composer dreams and is becoming the person she wants to be despite her father's wishes. He thought music was a worthless thing to waste your life on. We see Jane at her dad's funeral and it was sad to see how much he didn't care about Jane's life. I really felt for her. 

     We also have Devin. We meet Devin and really wonder what the hell happened. The ISARK has really gotten in his head. He knows the ISARK knows his every move, but we never would have thought he would have been so abiding to them. He has decided to become an operative for them and that has him and Jane at odds. The things he does to try and get Jane were scary. I couldn't believe especially given all that she did for him in the first book. I wanted to strangle him so badly. Then we have Adam. I really loved Adam in this book. He may be an A.I., but he had more feelings than Jane's own brother. He has gone through a lot and is still being tortured by Pandora (even though she is dead). He will do absolutely anything to save Jane even sacrifice himself. It was very hard not to love him. Jane and Adam are a couple to be reckoned with and I was rooting for them from the get go. You will too.

     The story is very fast paced, but not overwhelming. Fan has quite a talent for giving you multiple characters and information without feeling like they are crowding you.  I was so immersed in every character and what they added to the book. Lots of interesting side characters along with our main three. I also really enjoyed the villain in this book as well. You know I love an awesome villain and this one nailed it. Just brilliant. I meant it, the guy is quite the mastermind. I also love the addition of Ines. We saw her a bit in the first book. I have my fingers and toes crossed in hopes of her getting her own story, she deserves one. This girl is a badass to the core. We need more of her. Oh, I hope we get more of her.

     This is such an incredible science fiction read. It is a lot of fun and very action packed. The story will have you at the edge of your seat and these characters are to die for. This book does such a great job showing humanity at its best and its worst from both humans and AIs. It is a bit ironic in a way though given that Adam seemed to be the most human character in the book. I think that is also why he is such a favorite for me. All the good in humanity is really what he represents. I can't wait for more. This is a can't miss series. I am keeping my eyes peeled for more of Fan's work and you should too. She understands her characters and knows how to grip the reader and keep them immersed until the end. Highly recommended.


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About Mary Fan

Mary Fan lives in New Jersey, where she is currently working in financial marketing. She has also resided in North Carolina, Hong Kong, and Beijing, China. She has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and especially enjoys the infinite possibilities and out-of-this-world experiences of science fiction and fantasy.

Mary has a B.A. in Music, specializing in composition, from Princeton University and enjoys writing songs as much as writing stories. She also enjoys kickboxing, opera singing, and exploring new things—she’ll try almost anything once.

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